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Thread: SEQ Flyfishers

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    SEQ Flyfishers

    Am I right in thinking that the next meeting is next week on the Gold Coast?

    If so I hope to make it.


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    Re: SEQ Flyfishers

    If you are closer to the north side you may want to try the Saltwater flyfishers association, but you will do well with either as both clubs have a lot to offer.

    Next SCSWFF meeting 5th Feb at the mooloolaba coast guard building at 7 pm

    Federation of Fly Fishers
    International Certified Casting Instructor
    Sunshine Coast Fly Fishers

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    Re: SEQ Flyfishers

    Thanks for that.

    I am actually pretty central (Toowong).

    Unfortunately I can't make the 6th but will try and get there in the future.....are the meetings monthly?

    edit: just noticed the website in your signature.


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    Re: SEQ Flyfishers

    Tommorrow night at Mermaid Waters Bowls Club. 7pm start. It is also a swap and sell night, so bring anything you want to get rid of.


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