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    Hi just wondering what weight and size snapper people have been catching in the last few months.
    Me and my brother caught these out from Clifton Springs in Port Phillip Bay in 12 metres of water.
    The small one was 82cm and weighed 4.5 kg and the bigger one was 86cm and weighed 5.9kg.
    Hope to hear some good storys.

    Thanks and goodluck fishing

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    Re: Snapper

    Nice catch boys.........

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    Re: Snapper

    Great catch!
    I Fish, I catch, I SNAG

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    Re: Snapper

    great way to open the 09 snapper account boys...nice work...keep it up

    Mrs Benno1

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    Re: Snapper

    2 very nice snapper you've got there fellas.

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    Re: Snapper

    Ahah they're brutes, excellent.


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    Re: Snapper

    Hey nice snapper fellas - keep that up and you'll be the snapper kings on this site. Cheers, Darren.

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    Re: Snapper

    port phillip bay never prevails.
    awesome catch boys.
    i have been down fishing there since christmas and it has been non stop action
    well done again

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