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    Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    Neil Duncan, Micheal Coad, Brett Kleppe and I recently travelled to “Monster Murray Cod”, situated on the outskirts of Emmaville, for four solid days of chasing the fish of a lifetime. Located just a stone’s throw from Glen Innes, the privately owned property is without a doubt one of Australia’s most unique and premiere Murray Cod sports fishing destinations, as it holds mammoth trophy cod well over one metre in length and to over 70lbs in weight.
    The property, owned by Clark and Shauna Say, was a working tin mine many years ago, but due to the mine constantly filling with natural spring water, work was abandoned. The mine now consists of many large dams full to the brim with crystal clear waters that have thriving populations of Golden and Silver Perch, Catfish and of course Monster Murray Cod.
    Visitors can use their own boat provided it is fitted with an electric motor, or use the Quintrex 385 complete with casting platform that is supplied with the accommodation. Fishing is strictly lure and fly only, and is sure to get your adrenaline pumping and the camera working overtime as 50lb plus Cod can be often seen basking and feeding along the edges.
    Brett Kleppe trolled up some nice fish during the trip, with Michael and Neil both catching some beautifully coloured Murray Cod whilst casting chatter baits and spinnerbaits just metres from the cabin.
    I was lucky enough to tangle with an 18 to 20lb Murray Cod that belted a ½ ounce tandem bladed spinner bait on the drop, but failed to hook up on the first cast. Just after plopping the next cast in the same area at the bottom of the cliff face and adjacent to a dense bed of reeds, I was in the middle of trying to signal to my mates that a good fish was in the area when all hell broke loose. Line began spinning off the reel as the fish charged for deeper water, but after a minute of hard work the fish finally came up off the bottom and my mates arrived to help remove the hooks and get a quick snapshot before release.
    Smaller Murray Cod hit spinnerbaits at high pace as they were retrieved past logs on the edges, and it was not uncommon to see them take the lure or spinnerbait just centimeters from the rod tip. Many bigger fish were also seen grazing the weedy edges amongst the thousands of small baitfish that are abundant in all of the impoundments.
    Flipping threw the visitor book in the cabin sure does make the jaw drop, as countless stories of trophy fish and cricket score catches are told. Andrew “ET” Ettinghausen has even visited, and caught a Murray Cod well over the metre mark on a surface lure.
    The photo covered walls, and smashed lures that have been destroyed by monster fish hung on the notice board create an electric atmosphere well worth expeiriencing.
    Neil Duncan managed a 105cm Cod on a previous visit, and Monster Murray Cod will be certainly on our list of places to revisit to try for the fish of a lifetime.
    Thank you to Clark and Shauna for their warm hospitality. If you would like more details about visiting monster Murray Cod visit or give Clark and Shauna a call on 67 347 212 Tell them the Dubo boys sent ya!

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    Re: Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    great piccies and info...cheer Poddy

    Mrs Benno1

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    Re: Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    Sounds like a great place to visit and sounds like you guys had a great time there. Thanks for letting us know about it. - RC

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    Re: Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    gee they are a good looking fish, well done lads

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    Re: Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    good stuff fellas, some nice fish.

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    Re: Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    Well done guys, I am heading there in February, Can't wait.

    Cheers Andrew

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    Re: Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    great pics and what a top sounding place, awesome looking fish the cod
    If i could get paid the same to fish, sorry boss but i ......!

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    Re: Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    Very nice, but I was expecting to see a "monster Murray Cod"!

    Nice fish anyway.

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    Re: Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    Monster Murray Cod is the name of the place. We were hoping to get a monster aswell, but the best we could do was observe a 50lb + cod basking 2 feet off the edge for a while. Certainly got the heart racing!!!

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    Re: Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    Well done mate sounds like you had a great trip . My girlfriends parent's property actually borders Clark and Shauna's place , and i often see people fishing there from the top of one the many hills. I am still yet to give it a go , sounds like there is quite a few fish in there . Cheers Mark

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    Re: Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    we are booked to go there on 30th of this month..any tips on lures etc you used would be appreciated plus any other tips.

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    Re: Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    Great fish!

    I'm still yet to atch my first fresh water fish
    I Fish, I catch, I SNAG

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    Re: Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    G"Day Pinhead,

    We threw the lure box at them mate, and trolled everthing from J D Pythons and superbugs, Oargees, Predateks, Humpbacks and Mudeye Mowhawks along with just about everything else.
    Most of our success came from walking the banks and casting 1/2 ounce tandem bladed AusSpin spinnerbaits in the purple tiger colour at Dusk.

    My advice would be #1- Watch where you put your feet- the snakes are a worry.

    #2 Up the back of the main dam there is a huge hole in next to the cliffside with thick reeds sorrounding the edges. Walk along the bottom of the cliff as quietly as you can and cast, cast, cast! Thats where I got my biggest fish.

    #3 Take your time!!!!!!!! I spooked two massive cod that were on the edges by moving on to quick! Polariods are a definate advantage mate.

    #4 Try the top dam where ET got his huge one. I know there is a huge fish that I spooked down the back left hand corner near the willow. Its the only willow on the top dam and you will know it when you see it.
    Cheers Pod

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    Re: Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    Quote Originally Posted by muggles View Post
    i often see people fishing there from the top of one the many hills.
    Must use very long lines eh . Sorry Muggles - could't help meself.

    I did a trip in the Severn a few years back with a guide from Emmaville. Caught some very nice yellas and cod. Lovely country down that way.

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    Re: Monster Murray Cod!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    [quote=gunna;954600]Must use very long lines eh . Sorry Muggles - could't help meself.

    ha ha no worries . i noticed how it read after i posted . probably should of edited it but i knew someone would have a go . cheers mark

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