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Thread: Paradise Dam

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    Paradise Dam

    Over X mas saw corrospondance that the Paradise Restocking Group has been rejected to stock this section of water way. As there is no proof that introduced species would not An adverse prediation(eat them) the local species. That is the Bum breathing Turtel and the lungfish as they enter or exit the fish ladder. In the same letter it was meantioned there is report that says they are prayed appone any way. Govt. Dept. at there best again. Glad the same species in the Mary River would not be affected by a new dam then. Seriously a shame as water way behind the new dam has so much potential. Would lead to interesting data on introduced fish movement with the ladder as well and potential of other dams having ladders retro fitted. Hopefully funding for a study to prove no negitive effect of introduced species can be found. In years to come it could prove to be preimer location with the right stocking levels.

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    Re: Paradise Dam


    thanks for the info mate. Yeah your right, its OK to completely block off the water way for the natural habitat, but not to introduce new species. Doesnt make sense.

    The one positive I can get out of this is it keeps the water skiiers there and not at Monduran!!

    have a good new year


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    Re: Paradise Dam

    Silly thing is the Gayndah Fishstocking Group has permitts to stock above and below the weir in Gayndah. The headwater of Paradise backs up into there permited stocking area, so why try and start another stocking group and fight the gov over it when there is already a way around it.

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    Re: Paradise Dam

    Thats right. Gayndah, Mundubbera, Eidsvold (Wuruma Dam) and Monto (Cania Dam) can all stock Bass, Barra, Saratoga, Silver Perch and Golden Perch. They all flow into Paradise, so whats the governments problem? Bureaucracy at it's finest.


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    Re: Paradise Dam

    Yea, im in gayndah and our local fishing club stocks the river with bara and bass (so theres no way to stop them getting into paradise, as it is just downstream from gayndah). So i cant see what the problem is. The rain over the past couple of days filled our weir (minus the baloon) and continues to run into paradise currently at 59%.

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    Re: Paradise Dam

    I know the the area well having grown up in Gayndah. It is a co operitve restocking group I believe as it is now all one council area and being no direct town beside the dam. It is ironic that Gayndah restocking group can stock below the weir but the new resocking group has not yet got permission. That is government for you.

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    Re: Paradise Dam

    Well I assume the new stocking group is now going to redirect it efforts to help out its up stream brethren, purely as a gesture of good will of course....... I am sure the Gayndah weir needs about 100,000 barra fingerlings.........

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