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    New Zealand Holiday & Fishing

    Going to New Zealand for a couple of weeks on Thursday and looking for any advice, hints which may help in catching some trout while there. Will be in the South Island for two weeks and will have camper van so hopefully be able to put in some time while stopped overnight. One week from Christchurch to Milford Sound, then from there to Picton.

    Will be taking a #6 weight fly rod and a small spin outfit. Any suggestions on spots, fly's, ect.

    Also any hints on the best way to alleviate a lenghty stay at customs on the way back to avoid any Didymo. I will ensure I dry and clean everything but any other suggestions as to best satisfy customs?

    thanks in advance for any advice.
    cheers, Ron

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    Re: New Zealand Holiday & Fishing

    I came through with some gear that I had washed and dried, they looked it over and let me go through. I didn't fish anywhere with Didymo though. They did clean my boots for me though which was a bonus

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