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    Baffle Creek users?

    What species other than Jacks is the Baffle known for?
    I'm dreaming about 2 days there over Christmas?
    All advice most welcome - PM if you want - thanks

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    Re: Baffle Creek users?

    The usual suspects, flathead, bream, plus estuary cod up near the rocks and Trevally near the mouth.
    There are supposed to be barramundi in there but I think you would have to be very lucky to see one.

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    Re: Baffle Creek users?

    Mate we have just had 1 week up there fishing was very quiet but we still caught some good grunter or javelin fish, good size tarwine, 1 Tarpon & a couple of nice Bream.....heaps of undersize Moses Perch & Cod.

    Broken off a couple of times on the rock bars & at the mouth..

    Hope you have a good trip at christmas

    cheers Baz

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    Re: Baffle Creek users?

    I forgot to mention that there are Queenies at the mouth also..

    Cheers Baz

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    Re: Baffle Creek users?

    Intersting viewing on youtube google BIG BARRAMUNDI BAFFLE CREEK

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    Re: Baffle Creek users?

    Take a spare prop theres a bit of rock around the place and more if you head up the baffle.

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    Re: Baffle Creek users?

    Some of those rocks are right in the middle - it's a place that you need to take your time or it will bite you.

    It's a mixed bag fishery & there are certainly barra in there ( note it will be closed season) but Jacks are the primo fish .

    My couple of trips there - we've hooked more tarpon than anything else with the odd trevally .

    it's an interesting place for lurecasting

    Give a man a fish & he will eat for a day !
    Teach him how to fish
    & he will sit in a boat - & drink beer all day!

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