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Thread: Fish id please

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    Fish id please

    Hey guys we picked up a couple of these at the Breaksea last weekend.

    Originally we thought they were Robinson Sea Bream/Perch but on second looks the fin colouring is pink instead of yellow.

    Is this a male/female version of a Robbo or is it something completely different?
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    Re: Fish id please

    Looks like a sweetlip of some sort, not 100% on that though..

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    Re: Fish id please

    A couple more pics.
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    Re: Fish id please

    Cheers Watto

    Have been having a look at the sweetlips and emperors on the daf site and it looks very similar to the Japanese Sea Bream

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    Re: Fish id please

    Iodine bream.

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    Re: Fish id please

    Quote Originally Posted by chris69 View Post
    Iodine bream.
    Looks more like a Robinsons Sea Bream, it's missing the "collar" that is on an Iodine Bream.

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    Re: Fish id please

    Different head to a Iodine and different colour fins and slightly different tail to the Robinson.

    Japanes sea bream

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