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Thread: Hinze ramp?

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    Hinze ramp?

    Hey guys, just wondering what road the boat ramp is off for Hinze dam

    Thanks, Robbo

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    Re: Hinze ramp?

    hey mate.coming from the coast side go west across the dam top,turn left on the other side..good luck...bluebeard

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    Re: Hinze ramp?

    Dam wall is now closed for next couple of years.You cannot use the boat ramps that were on either side of it. Go to page 3 of freshwater chat and their are more details about Hinze there-RC

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    Re: Hinze ramp?

    I went to Hinze on the weekend. NO ACCESS! either road.

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    Re: Hinze ramp?

    out the back of mudgeeraba, up little nerang rd.

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