Fish are still there mate

No pics for me, I had 4 hits for 4 fish for 2 that went aerial and handed me back the HB on a plate, one that put me around a tree, snagged the lure and ripped himself loose, and one rather impressive beastie that I had boatside after the longest fight Ive ever had with a Mondy fish, before it took a final surge and gill plated thru the 80 leader. THAT one was my new PB, gooooone!
Still tuff fishing, but I wasnt complaining.

I think a lot of people at the moment are missing out because they arent fishing peak bite times in a tuff bite period. Its hard yards to be on the water and at your spot before the sun comes up, but there is definately a bite window (not exactly a secret here) right in that first pre dawn light, and last of the sunset.
17 hours on the water yesterday, and there was only 2 bite periods that I was privy to.
Dunno, just my thoughts, the last few runs up have seen it work that way