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Thread: 22kg Snapper

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    Re: 22kg Snapper

    Fisheries research states that the southern snapper that are found in SA and NZ are slower growing (cooler water)and are known to live to 60 years and up to 24kg whereas the east coast snapper are faster growing (warmer water)and live up to 22 years and up to 14kg. In 40 years snapper fishing in SEQ I have not seen one over 12kg.


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    Re: 22kg Snapper

    Quote Originally Posted by matt__hill View Post
    didnt see the second page more believable from sa than brissy
    Good point Mat, I've fished with professionals (Frank - now retired) out of Tumby Bay is South Oz and they definately get much bigger fish than up here, not sure why.

    I'm also great mates with a bloke in Brissie who has caught more big snapper than most of you have had hot dinners, look back at Straddie classic results from the early nineties. Al has never even seen fish of this size.

    Not saying this beast is not true BUT.


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    Re: 22kg Snapper

    how old would that fish be?? freakin old id rekon

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    Re: 22kg Snapper

    Photoshopped or not! Let it go or not! Clowns... A fish that size would be UP ON MY WALL - PERIOD!!!

    Thanks for the pic's BIGASH! That's some awesome fish indeed!

    Take Care T
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    Re: 22kg Snapper

    photoshop this
    101cm 30lb on the lie detector 4th october

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    Re: 22kg Snapper

    40lb caught by Col Tannahill from Shimano in june
    18.something kg
    110cm or just over

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    Re: 22kg Snapper

    this one 20kg. was nearly 115cm, but fatter from head to tail than anyfish i have ever seen. it's not straight on the mat & still kicking before anyone says....

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    Re: 22kg Snapper

    37lb caught same day as above
    no photoshop either

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    Re: 22kg Snapper

    the above 2 trophy fish together
    pick which is 37 & which is 44lb

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    Re: 22kg Snapper

    Col Tannahill with his 40lb Fish.
    the right man to get a good fish

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    Smile Re: 22kg Snapper

    Good stuff Bigash, get up them...No doubt in my mind. I'll come fishing with you any day..


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    Re: 22kg Snapper

    Photo shopped or not I dont understand how u could keep a fish that is alot older than u!!!
    Maybe if it tasted great but its like eating an old boot!

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    Re: 22kg Snapper

    WOW that would have to be an Australian record if I've ever seen one

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    Re: 22kg Snapper

    Quote Originally Posted by RAT-KING View Post
    Photo shopped or not I dont understand how u could keep a fish that is alot older than u!!!
    Maybe if it tasted great but its like eating an old boot!
    all the real bigones in pics are to be mounted.
    i try to encourage tag & release of the good breeding size 9-13kg
    the real old ones are like your grand parents.
    they deserve respect but aren't that good at breeding. i encourage for them to be returned whenever possible..the older they are out of 100ft & a tussle the harder they are to revive.

    this pic 99cm tagged & released recently. if i had tagged all the fish i've released in last 18months there would be in the 100's of 8kg+ fish with tags out there. only just started tagging recently.

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    Re: 22kg Snapper

    Obviously a fake!

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