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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    Mates fish for free on my boat ( i'll need something they have one day).Mates of mates pay fuel and a bit of bait just to recoupe some losses $20.00 maybe but only a token price.

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    hi guys i have up to 4 people on bord and we split fuel cost for the boat my deckies dont have probs with this as i supply all fishin gear, deck winches, rods, tackle ect, i even spend up to 4 hours filleting fish for them and nearly 2 hrs cleanin the boat.......

    but am i doing to much???????

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    Why would you clean anyone elses fish unless they are handicapped?

    Yes you are going way overboard mate, there taking you for a ride imo.


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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    yeah its always good to splt the fuel costs evenly they should understand that it costs alot more than just fuel to go fishing for a day

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    So far the way it's worked on my boat is that I've suppled the boat and fuel and the other(s) have supplied the bait. I suppose I should make sure they're happy with that.. They should be, our river fishing costs only about $10 in bait where my fuel is around $15-$20 plus other boat costs.

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    Mmm, main page says there are posts after mine.. forum bug?

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    As a decky, Im happy to pay a bit more as I value not having to buy, own, maintain, clean, store or think about a boat! If the boat owner is really organised and a skilled fisherman, thats worth more again.

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    This is what I do, and by a deckie, I am talking about someone who isnt already a fishing friend of mine. FB seems to be a good place these days for finding random people to fish with.

    If anyone wants to come game fishing for a day with me its $50 each for fuel for 1 or 2 deckies. +3 others on board its $30 each for fuel. I only go through $100 worth of fuel a day so getting that money back is fair I think. Considering I am supplying the boat, driving it to the ramp the day before (up to 3 hours away from my house), supplying the rods, reels, lures, making the rigs, finding the fish, catching the bait, washing the boat after, servicing it when necessary, paying for the rego and insurance etc etc. If I am only taking 1 person I dont expect them to pay $100 in fuel obviously so $50 is fine and ill pay the rest. If they are close mates I will chip in my own share of the fuel. If we hook a marlin and they havnt caught one before they can wind it in, that doesnt bother me. The hard and satisfying part is finding and hooking one for me.

    When I go bream fishing/camping in my small boat, my mate Chris brings all the food and drinks for the weekend and I supply the boat and fuel.

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    Deckie success comes down to skipper/deckie experience in boating.
    Quibbling over $20 work of fuel for a short creek trip or 20km run offshore is silly.

    On other hand I've seen experienced skippers from Down south who run 20km pr less offshore come and deckie off Yeppoon/Mackay and offer $20 for fuel. Yeppoon you can run 150km+ out easily and use $500 worth of fuel for the day. all comes down to type of trip you do really.

    The best way I've seen it done when it comes to big offshore trips.
    Skipper gives rough cost,(about $150 each for 4 blokes)
    Skipper pays for everything at start. Refills boat at servo on way home for exact fuel then splits everything 2/3/4 ways. Totally fair.

    If people whinge about paying $150-$200 for days fishing at reef. Then don't come. Charter would cost you twice as much and for less fish.

    9 times out of 10 each person comes home with $200-300 worth of fillets anyhow, so it's cost neutral for deckie really.

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