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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    Always tell new crew the crew pays all the expenses and if the captain has a good time he will reinbuse the crew 50% after the boats washed.... If there still intersted their usally the right type of people to have fun & fish with which scores them a further 50% discount.

    honsestly if i couldn't afford to run it why would i buy it?? I dont think that means i should be prepared to tolerate dills on my boat on my day off!!
    most guys who come offer to contibute in some way (money marks or knowledge)


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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    Quote Originally Posted by krazyfisher View Post
    I cant understand why if you thought like me you would be boatless... do you not think about money or paying bills. you would be ashamed of this post is that because you dont see value if your boat, spots and what you do.
    what I was pointing out was that NON boaties do not understand the costs. I figure it is a showing of good faith to put in some money.
    Selling fillets is that not worse? is that legal or are you a pro fisherman? so rather than charge your friends for maybe 10% of the cost to catch fish you just charge them for the fish.... Well that sounds fair.
    : K/F my apologies for not reading it right,,,,,,,,,i think

    now to answer some of your Q's

    1: do you not think about money or paying bills.

    yes i do, its an everyday thing for me, but i brought the boat for my enjoyment, and thats what it is with a few good mates, the way i see things is, if you have to rely on 20-50 $$ to go have a fish/good time than one should not own a boat, dont forget, that the way i see things

    2: because you dont see value if your boat,

    i cherrish my boat and everything i own

    3: Selling fillets is that not worse?

    worse than what? takeing money? are you adding this to your taxable income? im sure the ATO dont see it any worse, and for the record i have never have sold a slab of fillet, i dont care what other PPL do, this is just not me, and no, im not a pro fisher

    did'nt mean to upset you, its just the way i read it


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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    there is a big difference between the costs of a normal river/creek run and going offshore. i usually go fishing with my close mates and we always chip in for something(one buys bait and drinks and i buy fuel some tackle etc).now im talking from a tinny owners point of view and it WILL be different from an owner of a larger vessel. i bought my tinny to enjoy my self. my mates and people that come onto my tinny dont need to know anything about the running costs just bring a positive attitude and some decent jokes.....

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    Quote Originally Posted by TimiBoy View Post
    I get an attack of the guilts if I feel I've got more fish than the Mates!



    Somehow, I don't think it will happen Timiboy...

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    When I had my boats I didn't ask for fuel money, as I was going fishing anyway. If mates are true mates they will offer $$$ but more often than not it will be returned. Fishing with good company is hard to find.
    I once took a work mate fishing and although he was crook for a couple of hours and lay down to rest and spent maybe 1/2hr fishing, he still insisted on throwing some coin my way. It was appreciated but not taken.
    Bait is usually shared, - ice and travel to the ramp supplied.

    I went fishing with a mate in the last few months and as he had someone who usually doesn't fish along, I didn't mind helping out in tying knots, baiting hooks. We all went out for a good time and a good time was had by all.

    I still won't ask for money for fuel whether I buy a $5000 boat or a $50000 boat.

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    My guests are exactly that " My Guests " the only contribution required is their company on the trip. My boat is my responsibility, I wanted it, I use it, I pay for it, good company is just a bonus ............


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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    Hows it going guys

    Most of my fishing is done with BAYFISHER and LOVEY80, I very rarely if ever ask for money it is either just offered or most of the time reciprecated on the next outing in their boat.

    I would be hitting the water anyways and asking for money would be like telling them they have to pay to spend time in my company (maybe when i become famous i will have to start charging you guys )

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    I'm with Pin head, got the boat to fish with my partner, so obsorb all the cost, if she can't make it I ask a mate to come along, don't expect them to go halves on fuel or bait , but appreciate it if they offer to throw in for fuel{ a normal day for us is 100/150km trip},would expect that they bring there own food ,drinks and tackle, if they don't ,I'll share my tackle & water, but they go hungry!!!

    Going Offshore chasing Sailies and Marlin later in the week on a mates boat, will offer to pay half fuel, will launch the boat, park the car and trailer bring own rods , food, drink,tackle, lures,then get car and trailer when we get back to the boat ramp, help him wash the boat , and then have a few coldies talking about the day, Thought this was just "the normal thing" to do, if asked to go out on someone elses Boat!!

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    Well, I won't ask for any money, but if offered, I'll accept. But then again, it doesn't worry me much, If I head out with a mate and/or deckie (by deckie, that usually means they're anchor boy for the day, and lend a hand with launch and retrieval), cost for the day is usually split evenly, though I don't ask, but I always offer when I'm on someone else's boat. On my boat, I usually have everything ready to go (fuel, bait, ice), and will lend fishing gear if needed. If its agreed that my mate will get the bait and sometimes ice, I don't give fuel money a thought, and knock back any offers.

    But then again, my trips are more often than not, inshore and I might spend about 50-60 dollars for the day. Boat maintenance etc are just one of the pleasures of owning one and don't get passed on to the fishing buddies.

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    I'm a Deckie/Mate and i've never been asked for anything, i am not i a position to afford a boat atm but one day i hope to. I mainly go bay fishing Harry's, Mud etc and used to fish the loagan a bit. When i go out i try to pay for fuel everysecond time we go out, and don't care if the fuel gets used that day or not and i always buy a snack and a drink at the servo for the owner. I do not pay for bait simply cause im not there when it is bought but i buy a heap of plastics/jig heads and other tackle from time to time.

    I really appreciate being given the opportunity to go and have a great day on the water weather we catch fish or not.


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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    It doesn't matter whether you accept money or not, that's up to you
    but if they don't at least offer that makes them bludgers
    with the exception of your top shelf mates who you don't ask it is a given
    they just know when you're going and they are ready to go
    they are also the ones that helped you with your slab or or tiling the kitchen they are the ones that say give me the keys at the boat ramp
    then they come free, no money no question


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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    i think it totally depends on the "mates" your taking and for what reason.
    i've invited ifishcq out on my boat this week, but he is showing and helping me catch my first barra, thats more than enough compensation for me.

    other mates, because they use all of my gear i do ask for some $$$. but it's usually enough to cover $$ for bait which is about 1/3 the cost of the trip. so they still get off light. not taking into consideration wear and tear of tackle, lost tackle, etc.

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    werd ;p plus
    i still avn a great time cathn nuth'n

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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    I don't own a boat. I have a mate who does. He invites me out on fishing trips. I'm not his deckie. We are mates. I assume he keeps inviting me out because he wants the company and we usually have a good time out on the water. I happily split the costs of the trip evenly (fuel, bait & ice). I don't chip in for his outboard services, rego or insurance....

    I do however end up on anchor duties tho... And of coarse I help clean the boat after the trip.

    My 2 cents...


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    Re: $$$ from deckies

    Can't say I've ever taken someone one as a 'Deckie'.

    You ask a mate out to enjoy a day on the water - some want to help cover costs etc, some want to help clean up.

    I just I am more likely to ask someone who at least offers to do the above.

    I go out with my father in law, he doesn't want anything from me, but I do come in handy.

    I catch fish, I fillet fish, I clean the boat, I can drive the boat, I pull anchors and dozens of crab pots etc.

    I don't see the above as being a deckie - just doing what I love.

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