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    Question Line Maintenance?

    Just wondering what type of extra maintenance you guys do other than the usual wash down. I'm pretty much a newby at the fly game. Do you clean your line after each session, (or during for that matter). If so what do you use, at home i just wash it in the sink with warm soapy water, pulling it through a chux.

    Additives, you guys use aything to give your line a bit more slick to help it move through the guides. I've used hair conditioner with some success but it seems to wear off pretty quick & I'm a bit concerned the fish won't like the smell of it.

    I've heard it's a good idea to stretch you line b4 use & don't store it on the reel when not in use, rather hang it up in long loops to reduce the risk of line memory (mine lives on the reel). I did notice last time I used it it started to twist a little & wouldn't pick up off the floor / water as well to travel through the guides. Could be something to do with dirty line & not using it for the last 10 months or so as well??

    Any thoughts from all you regular fly fishos out there much appreciated.

    Cheers, Colo

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    Re: Line Maintenance?

    G'day Colo77,

    Not sure what lines you are using, but you should give your line some attention.

    Firstly NEVER use things like hair conditioner on your line. Those products can either damage the line itself or worse put the fish off with the scents they use.

    Yes hanging in large loops can help. I store mine in large size zip top sandwich bags (about 10" Loops) and have no problems. After each days fishing I don't nesccessarily take it off the spool just a good drenching with clean water and during a trip I will leave them on spare spools, so I can quickly change from float-sink-intermediate and also drop or raise in size to switch rods.

    For dirty lines it is best to give them a good clean, often on the water due to sediment in the natural stuff. As you said a bucket of CLEAN water and a chux works well to get the crap off. At home you can use a mild soap and then treat the line with a variety of specially designed products, Line Speed, Loop Flyline conditioner, etc, readily available at good tackle/fly shops. Some lines, like the new Snowbee actually have the stuff included in the box.

    A word of warning, some of these look like Armourall BUT ITS NOT. DON'T use this on any fly line, it will melt and crack and destroy the surface.

    As for getting twist in your line, the most common cause is not casting all the line you have out. If you are getting twist on the water make sure you cast every bit of line you have off the reel. If you can't cast it all, wind back onto the line and only let out what you can cast.

    Hope this helps

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