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    monster carp

    took the wife for a few days away to nundle for a bit of prospecting and fishing stayed at nundle on a great little spot on the peel riverin a nice cabin asked the guy if there was any fishing in the river at the back said there were carplater that afternoon i went down to the river and i was blown away by the carp just swimming along peacefully there were some monsters i went and got my trout rodand a small lump of dough the next 15 minutes was monumental i had the rod bent in half and a 20 lb carp splashing around at my feet all the time i was wishing i had bought my fly gear now that would have been fun i reckon there were carp in there upwards of 40 lb next time i go i will take my fly gear and some bread pattern flies the takes on the surface are worth the trip coop

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    Re: monster carp

    That's huge! Who would have thought that doing the right thing for the environment could be so much fun. What do you do with the carp, do you just bury them? I have heard of people taking some home for the cat.

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    Re: monster carp

    thats a massive carp mate would've been great fun.

    Nic, My grandfather grew up in the country and moved to the coast a long time ago, but he still goes back and catches his carp, not for the feed, but he loves his fishing and he reckons that carp flesh is the best offshore bait going around, illegal to do it, but he turns dirty old carp into great snapper, kingies, and tuna.

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    Re: monster carp

    Cool, I didn't know they were good bait. They fight pretty well, don't they -- I caught a couple on corn ages ago and that was good fun. I ended up just burying them, didn't know what else to do with them.

    Haven't caught anything like Coops' 20lb specimen though, that's a corker!
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    Re: monster carp

    Carp is awesome saltwater fish bait.
    I have cubed many yellowfin up on carp and we caught 17 species off the Tathra wharf one night on carp fillets.
    The commercial fisherman also use carp to catch blue eye trevalla,harpuka,bass groper and other deep water fish on droplines.

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