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    Re: What does reel size mean?

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    I think it should be a bucket limit like prawns.

    An old boss of mine's favourite saying was "crikey, you wouldn't fit too many of them in a bucket".
    Maybe we could go commercial and get some 4wd trawlers

    Imagine if you trawled the beaches of the cold coast for more than a bucketful.

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    Re: What does reel size mean?

    Real size is,, more than a mouth full is to big,,, but it's fun trying to fit it all in.

    Avast ye matey!

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    Re: What does reel size mean?

    I use front drag type Jublies. I seem to get greater performance by regularly adjusting the knobs

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    Re: What does reel size mean?

    current naming and sizing system = confusion....solution = using something fisherman can relate to without thinking too much... here goes....
    daiwa/shimano1000 now is daiwa/shimano kate moss...
    1500 = kylie minogue
    2000 = delta goodrem
    etc..etc until you get to stella 20,000 which would now be known as the shimano stella pamela anderson...
    I myself prefer something in the 4000 range or the megan gale..but I do like flicking plastics....I am now off to slowly polish new stradic 3000 or as I shall now refer to her as my stradic jennifer hawkins....mmmm....

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    Re: What does reel size mean?

    this is an old thread, but came up first on google when i typed the question in.

    i happened to be lounging around flicking through the pages of South Australian Angler magazine, a few articles that were interesting to read through from catching yellow whiting from beaches, bream or tommies from rocks or snapper, kingies and samson fish etc from boats...i cant remember if or when i actually read through a fishing magazine before but found it interesting or entertaining enough, they seem to finish off by telling you what gear and bait etc works for the particular fish the article is talking about.

    so the writer kept saying things like you need a 2000 reel for this or 3000 or 4000 reel for that...i figured he was referring to Daiwa gear (or at least the system they use) as those size reels seemed to me about the size i was guessing they would suggest (even though, for little yellow fin whiting or bream, flathead i personally just use a 1500 reel, heck i take reasonably chubby KG whiting and small port river mulloway on the same very light rod and reel set up, but i'm a expert-at not doing anything right -should have read these magazines years ago ).

    but i was curious if there was [actually] a standard so i looked on google to a get a and this thread came up top

    so as near as i can tell there is NO standard, just that each manufacturer uses the smallest numbers for their smallest reels some use 030 or 035 ,shimano seem to number (some) that are twice as big as daiwa, ego an 8000 reel i always thought (?) was close to a daiwa 4000. (even as i write that i know it cant be correct as i'm pretty sure shimano have some 20,000 reels and daiwa just go up to 7000 if i recall,

    ...whats makes it even harder to figure is i have an early Shimano bait-runner ,the first ones they made i think, on one side it says 1500 and on the other side it says 2500 maybe they couldn't make their mind up!?


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    Re: What does reel size mean?

    I've had a keen interest in tackle ... and I still haven't got a friggin clue Daiwa . Shimano , ABU , Pflueger , Penn ..... etc etc

    Give me a break

    I like Daiwas system the best - made sense
    Shimano .... HTF do you go from a 4000 size spin reel to 18000 ?

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    Re: What does reel size mean?

    I think we need Marty to clarify the situation. He knows more about Jubilies than most and his explanation would be very educational.
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