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    Starter fly setp

    hi guys im looking at trying fly fishin, ill be in townsville creeks & rivers chasing anything from whiting to barra, wot do u think would b the best way 2 start out, wot sorta rod etc.

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    Re: Starter fly setp

    Get onto either flylife or saltwater fly fishing forums and buy yourself either a 5wt for regular estaury fish or a 7/8wt for the bigger ones (Jacks, Barra, Threadies etc.)

    For your situation starting out I'd just get a cheap fly reel and reasonable 2nd hand rod and a top quality fly line.

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    Re: Starter fly setp

    hey nog do u think a 7wt would cover barra and jack as well as some of the smaller stuff

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    Re: Starter fly setp

    Head over to my website and look for posts made by 'ward'. He is president of North Queensland Fly Fishers here in Townsville. He fishes nothing but fly for anything from tarpon and sooties in the fresh to spanish mackerel and fingermak in salt. And I can reccoment going along to a few of the club meetings. A great bunch of guys with an amazing wealth of knowledge!

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    Re: Starter fly setp

    How much are you looking at spending on an oufit?

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    Re: Starter fly setp

    thanks for all ur help fellas, but it was just a passing thought, out the window now, i mite think of it again one day. thanks again

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