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Thread: Top Trout Lures

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    Re: Top Trout Lures

    Quote Originally Posted by WyldFisher View Post
    My favorite Trout lure would have to be the Halco 45mm laser Pro in H51 chrome gold black back. Proof is below.

    Well done mate a top little browny you have there.

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    Re: Top Trout Lures

    Thank-you reidy!

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    Re: Top Trout Lures

    No worries tiger
    The joys of tempting a trout.Being rather selective feeders at times bagging a trout is a good bit of fishing.

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    Re: Top Trout Lures

    I remember back in 69 or 70 the go to trout lure was the eel skin spinner, made from actual eel skin, big browns in the Merri loved them,
    the other most common lure at the time was the old silver or gold wonder wobbler.

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