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    most memorable fish captures

    doesnt have to be ur biggest fish just a few that u will always remember as one of your most exiting or luckiest captures

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    Re: most memorable fish captures

    some of mine... to date
    a sight fished long tail tuna from the flats on a plastic and a 39cm bream which is my pb for a surface lure which is in my dp.

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    Re: most memorable fish captures

    it a good looking fish mate. one of mine would be the jack in my sig. it was awsome.
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: most memorable fish captures

    Would have to be my queenie in my avatar still. very lucky to get it in.
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    Re: most memorable fish captures

    My two Dollies. Look left, the Avatar says it all!


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    Re: most memorable fish captures

    Very few of my most memorable fish were actually caught by me. They all involve a bunch of kids in some way.

    A 23kg jew caught off the beach with 5 kids (not all mine ) was a standout

    My young blokes first real jew

    and his PB lizzard all rate highly and for different reasons

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    Re: most memorable fish captures

    probably this 55cm trout i caught on a plastic,as i managed to pull it off the bottom with a 2500 luvias and 8lb braid 14lb leader. it was pretty close to spooling me though.

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    Re: most memorable fish captures

    Nice troutie. Mine is a 53kg Black Marlin caught on a live fusilier whilst foating for macks in the Whitsundays.
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    Re: most memorable fish captures

    probably my first jewie i got last week. Pic to come


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    Re: most memorable fish captures

    one of the most memorable captures for me is a 60cm fingermark that my 5yr old (than 3 & 1/2yr) son luke caught at the mouth of ross river. he stood up on the casting deck & fought this fish for about 5mins pump & wind pump & wind. he done his dad very proud!

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    Re: most memorable fish captures

    The first salmon I caught without my dad there giving me advice!!

    I was 12 and fishing the Cowlitz river in Washington State USA. I cast the bait and put the rod in the rod holder on the bank and put the little bell we used to signal a strike on the rod. The bell strait away went ding-a-ling and I thought the bait was just settling on the bottom of the river in the current. Then ding-a-ling again...... and again....... I grabbed the rod and set the hook. A salmon headed skyward and did an Irish jug on the top of the river.

    I lost all since of reason and yelled to my friend "I've got him, I've got him" then started walking backward up the bank forgetting to wind the reel............

    I landed it and it was a 12lb king salmon. I felt so chuffed walking home with this fish in my hand and was sure everyone driving by on the road home was happy for me!!!

    Mum cooked it in the oven and it melted in my mouth...............

    No pictures (wasn't a big thing back then in 1968) but it was the best looking salmon you could ever imagine!!!
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    Re: most memorable fish captures

    I have a few memorable catches buy one of my favs would have to be my 82cm 9kg fingermark caught on the lucinda jetty on a live herring "of course" about 1 minute before we were about to leave...
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    Re: most memorable fish captures

    This was my first real jew, poor sucker was caught on a snelled 10/0 gama with a 3/0 mustad big red on top as a keeper hook. Bait was a large tailor fillet. Took about 20 mins to beach on 8kg line, Alvey 650C, and an old 13'6" beach rod that was very 'soft' in action. When I dragged him back up the beach to the car I noticed he was hooked by the 3/0 only, stuck in a chitinous ridge along his 'face'!
    It poured with rain during and after the capture, but somehow I didn't care.....
    Every scrap of this 26.5kg fish was eaten (the 'wings' being the best part), since then I've preferred to catch and eat fish of 10kg or less!
    Would have to add my sons' first bass, caught in little more than a mud puddle on a mates' property. Went 1.5kg cleaned. He said "let's eat it Dad", to which I scornfully replied that it would taste like mud. Well, how wrong was I, this thing produced two beautiful thick white fillets that were better than any snapper we ever ate!

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    Re: most memorable fish captures

    Recently I think the 46cm snapper i caught at mowbray park with the city skyline in the background would have to rate. Also my first cobia especially cause it hit my ex's line first but didn't hook up only to connect with mine seconds later- the look on her face priceless!!

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    Re: most memorable fish captures

    Catching a nice big squid by hand wading at night along the bribie foreshores.
    Mate that was with me bet $50 i couldnt catch him by hand, took 30 minutes and about 6 attempts to get close enough before the $50 was in my pocket.


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