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    about spearfishing

    Hi everyone.

    I recently purchased a hand spear for fishing. now I'm still green when it comes to spearfishing therefore I thought I would ask around. Are there any particular species that are protected and any particular regulations I need to abide by in regards to spearfishing? I will be spearfishing with a snorkel instead of a breathing apparatus. I plan to snorkel around the Mooloolaba rockwall area near Point Cartwright. Any feedback is appreciated.



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    Re: about spearfishing

    I called the DPI recently and they sent me some info on the regulations for spearfishing.
    You aren't permitted to use breathing apparatus other than a snorkel.
    Of course there are closed waters to keep away from - I'm familiar with Gold coast laws, but not sunshine coast.
    This could help:
    Don't think the area you're talking about is on the list of closed waters.

    All normal undersize rules apply and be careful to judge the size accurately before spearing anything. If you did kill an undersize fish it must be released regardless.
    Apart from that, you can't spear certain species such as Blue groper, but the DPI can tell you the exact rules. There's lots of info they can send you for free that can't be found online. Their number is on the website under contact us.

    My method is to only spear what I KNOW I can legally take. All I bag is one or 2 luderick and never get my spear near a species I'm unsure about. Wait till you get home and look it up for next time if you're doubtful.

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    Re: about spearfishing

    Good advice from Gorey.
    I would only add - do not attempt to spear a fish you cannot kill, eg if you see a 20kg jew, do not attempt to spear it with a handspear, it will only rip itself off and disappear, only to die later. A terrible waste I'm sure you would agree.
    Another species you may be tempted to spear is the humble wobby, (they taste great) but they are now protected from spearing I believe.
    Cheers and enjoy!

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    Re: about spearfishing

    Unfortunetaly I don't think that wobbys are protected in Qld but don't shoot wobbygongs, they just sit there they are no sport no matter how big they are. Challenge yourself and develop your techniques by chasing fish that try to avoid you rather than just sit on the bottom waiting for a spear to hit them.

    Remember the more you look like a fish the closer you can get to them, ie: hold your breath for longer and dive down to greater depths and wait for all the bubbles around you to disperse, the fish will be alot less weary of you. Get to know your targets, some fish are inquisitive, recently on a trip to the Swains I did a little bit of spearing and to get a shot at a Red Throat emporor you had to get to the bottom in between 3 - 5 metres of water out in between the coral bombies, grab a handfull of sand and chuck it up. The fish would race in from nowhere to check out what was going on and when the sand cleared you had fish within range for a shot. Without this technique they were extremely difficult to get within range.

    Get out there and have some fun, it is a much more sustainable way of fishing when you get good at it as you can only shoot what you can carry and you can pick your target fish rather than catching small fish and returning them with the chance that they may not survive the trauma.


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    Re: about spearfishing

    Spearing is great fun. I dont think u can spear right up against the rock walls of moololaba , but around off the rocks off carties is good. Like Just_chips said its a more sustainable way of fishing as long as u dont catch more fish then u need. Best advice i could give u is to move very slowly and dont make sudden movements in the water as this spooks fish easly. pratice on your breathing and diving. Also btw u cant use breahting appratus only snorkel only.

    In no time u will hav the diving and breathing down pat and u can start buy all the goodies like a Railgun, wetsuit, gloves, wet belt, better quality fins and snorkle, floats, floatlines. And then after this if u are real keen, u can start making your own DIY stuff, like spearguns, rubbers, floats and etc.

    Its a awesome hobby im sure u wil like it, i no i sure do lol

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    Re: about spearfishing

    Hi guys.

    thanks for the information in regards to spearfishing. it is much appreciated. happy fishing


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    Re: about spearfishing

    dont spear yaself?
    Live To Fish, Die To fish

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    Re: about spearfishing

    spearfishing is a good sport and there is also rules
    It is also i good idea to have a dive buddy when you start to dive deeper alot of people have died from free diving and spearfishing so be careful

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