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    Somerset dam question.

    Thinking of going up to Somerset on Sunday for fish. Any suggestions on spot's and tackle would be appreciated as never bass fished or seen Somerset in the flesh. Done alot of barra fishing at Monduran and had alot of success there. But never caught a bass there neither.

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    Re: Somerset dam question.

    modo mate a friend and i will be driving up there our selfs, if u see a new looking blue blue fin running around, come over and say hi. mate we haven't fished up there at somerset either, so total new for us well. but i have heard the fish are bitting ok. So fingers crossed we might get on or two. Anyway hope to u guys on the water
    cheers shaneoo
    P.s if u find any tips please drop us a hint or two

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    Re: Somerset dam question.

    Haven't fish there my either, but Fitzy's maps are always a good starting point.

    Go onto his web site ( and checkout the "Locations" page and then the map, which will give you some ideas.

    Good luck and watchout for the ski boat traffic.

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    Re: Somerset dam question.

    Stop home and by a carton it will be cheaper and more exciting.

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    Re: Somerset dam question.

    Yep big 0. But still better than listening to nagging.

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