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    Question Land Based Spots

    Hi everyone,Im new to all this barra fishing stuff,more used to marlin trolling
    I was just wondering are there many/any land based spots at tinaroo,awonga,monduran.I dont want top seceret stuff just a general idea.
    Thanks in advance.
    Frank D

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    Re: Land Based Spots

    Hey FrankD,

    Mate there are some great landbased spots at Lake Tinaroo. I have a few secret squirrel hotspots, those I will keep to myself but I can lead you onto a few others. I have caught quite a few Barra from the bank, fish of up to 104cm. I love bankfishing as you can leave the Boat at home and forget about it, and its good to improve your stealth.

    A few good spots at Tinaroo are down at Black Gully (go down Black Gully Road, and head down to the right of the Toilet Block/BBQ Area's). I caught my first ever Barra there and have caught a few since... great nightime spot - another is at the camping spot called 'Downfall'. Park you car near the toilets, head down to the water and follow the point around to the left - you will see alot of timber, dirty waterlines and weed. I have caught MEGA Sooties there, and have caught a Barra to the right of the Point on the flats. Not a bad spot.

    Another one is just pass the Dam Wall (heading to Platypus) and is like 70/80m on the right - large Boulders, always seems to be loaded with Bait. Havn't caught a Barra there yet, but it is a famous trolling spot for many local. Matt Fraser taped some awesome trolling action along these Boulders using Predatek Vipers in late 2002 (???) - it is in one of the 'Dam Hot' video series. One last one... Tinaburra Boat Ramp... nice night spot. Have caught a few fish from there. Like always Bank fishing requires a little more effort and time but the results are there.

    Hope this helps mate


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    Re: Land Based Spots

    Hi Theo,
    Thanks for the info,that gives me a great starting point,
    I'll be at tinaroo in the first week of sept, and driving back to Brisbane for 2 weeks holiday.
    Thanks again,
    Frank D.

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