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    Spotters sunnies

    Need to buy a pair of polaroid spotter sunglasses this week wondering if I should go for the photochromatic bronze lense/penetrator or the blue mirror lens? I fish equal parts offshore here at gladstone and up the creeks aswell. What's the better choice? Cheers

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    Re: Spotters sunnies

    I have the bronze photochromic ones, they're excellent. Also work very well in low light conditions.

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    Re: Spotters sunnies

    Go the penetrator ....... A big plus in the creeks with little disadvantage offshore ! ..... better in lower light situations too
    Ultimately ....... A really dark pair for offshore + the penetrator for shallow / estuary / low light situations ........................ would be great!

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    Re: Spotters sunnies

    I use my Penetrators everywhere. They are by farthe best glasses I have used
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    Re: Spotters sunnies

    Looks like the bronze penetrator are the go!

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    Re: Spotters sunnies

    i also have a pair with the bronze lens, and they are by far the best lens i have had to look through. (had arnette/oakly all my life).

    however, beware of the frame!!!! my frame has cracked in the same spot on both sides, right above each lens in the center. they have never been dropped, or damaged, they simply cracked. now i am having dramas with the warrenty side of things!!
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    Re: Spotters sunnies


    High and dry, That's interesting as I have had excellent warranty service from them, keep at it


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    Re: Spotters sunnies

    Bronze Penetrator.

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    Re: Spotters sunnies

    I've got the bronze Penetrator too. Brilliant for creek fishing. I now get to see the sandbars a couple of seconds before hitting them...... I also use them driving the car, and find them good for reducing glare and increasing visibility when it's raining.

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    Re: Spotters sunnies

    Give Local_guy a pm he works for Bright eye's and use's Spotters himself he'll be able to help you ase is his name
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    Re: Spotters sunnies

    It's my birthday on the 25 september, my wife has been saying "what do you want for ya birthday" well I think a new pair of sun glasses sounds good. Anyone got any contacts who may be able to do a good price on the "bronze Penetrator", which seems the popular winner................

    My wife just lost a part time job, so I hope I can say guess what darlin, I got a great price for my new specs.......................................

    Cheers Garry
    Cheers Garry

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