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    Bass On Surface Lures In Winter ??

    Just wondering if anybody targets bass in dams on surface lures during the colder months .

    I was thinking of having a go at it but i wanted to get some info of ausfishers to see if it is worth a go or would it be a waste of time

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    Re: Bass On Surface Lures In Winter ??

    Hey mate,im no expert but i have only caught a couple of bass on surface lures in the warmer months. I have heard alot of people say they are deeper in winter and closer to the brackish water when its colder, they also say to use deep diver lures in the cold or up closer to the weed on the banks. I have been tring a fair bit this winter with surface lures without a singe strike or even a swirl, only got them on jackals so far this winter and thats been a struggle to. Be good to see if anyone else throws in some ideas ,need the advice myself.
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    Re: Bass On Surface Lures In Winter ??

    You can potentially catch bass on the top all year around, however winter is the hardest time. It would have to be during a spell of good winter weather bringing them out of the deep water into the shallows, i.e casting a surface lure at schooled up fish in 30ft of water is a waste of time. you could still catch them on surface in wild creeks and rivers however the closed season for wild fish continues until the end of august. I do very well for bass on surface lures during the summer months. Stinking hot mid december afternoons when the cicadas are roaring there heads off is the time to be casting surface lures for smallwater bass. However i have taken bass on surface lures in both wild and impoundment at all hours of the day and night so yeh any time of the day can be a good time to tie one on when fishing the right locations and conditions.

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    Re: Bass On Surface Lures In Winter ??

    we were stillgetting them on surface up to a month ago down at borumba we got 6 fish for the session in the morning they were all up on the edges under overhanging trees this bass went 540mm and is the biggest i have seen out of borumba

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    Re: Bass On Surface Lures In Winter ??

    Geez Al, you trying to scare everyone on this site by putting a pic of Nibbles up?
    Top fish there Pete. Hope to catch up with you soon.

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    Re: Bass On Surface Lures In Winter ??

    Contrary to a lot of popular belief Surface Lures are not only for fish feeding on the surface.

    Surface lures were designed to bring fish UP to the surface & will do so anywhere from 10Ft-12Ft down.

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    Re: Bass On Surface Lures In Winter ??

    Megabass Anthrax.

    Anywhere, any time.

    If there is a bass within cooee of one of these babies, it will have it.

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