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    First barra trip of the year !!

    Hi all,
    love this time of year the fresh water chat fill with talk of barra and us more southern folk start saying "whats a bass" , foxie stacks his shelfs rubs his hands in the hope of all this water causeing a maze of new snags, and these knuckle dragging cold blooded southern boys set the compass nth !!.
    All that said got the weekend off and the boss gave me a leave pass to "stop the itch " so i was wondering if there are any reports ??
    And is any fellow aus fishers going to be there ? if you are ill be in a white toyota not sure what boat yet (mine or my mate minni tinni) so just pop on over or drop me a pm ill be leaving tomorrow 22nd home on the 25th.
    Steve B still have not had a chance to catch up with you up there bud so if you have a free day come out for a few coldies
    Cheers Craig

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    Re: First barra trip of the year !!

    Good luck there Crab man, leave a few for us "Knuckle dragging cold blooded southern boys" would ya.

    Cheers, Pete

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    Re: First barra trip of the year !!

    G'day Craig,

    Emailed Rob & Kelly at Monduran yesterday. They have just had a very cold two weeks but claim that 'the odd barra' is still being caught and that the weather is now warming. No fish kills from cold weather reported.

    Great news as I will be up there next week!

    Foxie also posts a weekly report on his website....



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    Re: First barra trip of the year !!

    Hey Pete, u r lurking again!!!!!! Come on mate it's a whole week b 4 u leave, try and get some work done.

    Got the info for the JE twisted leaders, Thanks, Pete.

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    Re: First barra trip of the year !!

    Crab Man, let us know how you go. I can't get up there till October this year - hopefully water will be nice and warm then.
    Don't forget to turn the trannie down at 9pm - grey nomads will speak to you otherwise.

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    Re: First barra trip of the year !!

    just back mate, water between 16.5 and the giddy heights of 19.2, never seen so many fish in my life, ya just got to get them to commit.
    If I can offer one word of advice, it would be "SSSSSSLOW"


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    Re: First barra trip of the year !!

    Good luck Craig, hope you guys nail one


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    Re: First barra trip of the year !!

    Dam you brian your to good mate !!! we got a yummie donut !! i agree lots of fish marking on the sounder but ran out of tricks , i did a full report in the reports section , Sav we were checking the time every 15mins to make sure it didn't go over 9pm!!

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