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    Targeting Yellowbelly - How????

    Would like to chase some Yellowbelly at Wivenhoe but have never chased them before. Would appreciate advice from those of you that have successfully targetted them.

    What areas/structure do they prefer?

    What types of lures work best?

    What type of lure retrieve works best?

    Are they more active at certain times of the year?

    I would really appreciate your advice on the above topics thanks?


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    Re: Targeting Yellowbelly - How????

    in my experience yellas love hanging around snags, fallen down trees or rock stucture,or even deep holes. if nothing happens at one snag after about 15 mins move to another one. they seem to bite better in the warmer weather. many different lures can work from big stumpjumpers to small bibless lures, hope this helps.

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    Re: Targeting Yellowbelly - How????

    same advice as horrible from me...but also try some soft plastics.I have had great success at maroon over the last couple of trips using berkley bass grubs and yabbies in mouldy cheese colour.I always throw alot of different styles of plastics around,but for me these two have been the standouts...Good luck

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    Re: Targeting Yellowbelly - How????

    Spinnerbaits, jackalls, oargee's, stumpy's, soft plastics will all catch them. Standing timber is a good place to start, try jigging soft plastics such as gulp shrimp in tight to timber. Try casting jackalls at edge of weed and hopping them out. Trolling with 3-6m lures with a wide swaying action is a successful method. Warmer weather is the better time to catch them but you can catch them in colder months but not as active. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Targeting Yellowbelly - How????

    yellas are structure based fish,
    although you will find them in schools the majority will be stuck on snags or weedbeds,

    they are not real fussy when it comes to lures,
    if your using divers, try wide actioned lures, ie: boomerangs, brolgas, deception shrimps, poltergeist etc etc

    they love lipless baits and spinners too
    any jackall style lure will work, in our experience probably better than a diver, only its hard to keep the depth right when trolling. spinnerbaits are good too.

    deep water with snags is the best location,

    as for times of the year spring is the best,
    they are mainly a summer fish, not many yellas get caught in winter let me tell ya, thus why u might be having trouble at wivenhoe

    wait until september and they will start to fire,
    sommerset is a better option than wivenhoe too.

    good luck with it all

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    Re: Targeting Yellowbelly - How????

    Thanks everyone for your much valued comments.

    One of the reasons for asking is that there is a kayak/canoe comp on at Wivenhoe in early Sept. It's a 2-day comp put on by Fitzy and the rules are that you need to catch both a Bass and a Yella each day to qualify. While I have been doing well catching solid bass, I am yet to hook a Yella. It would apprear I need to work the banks & snags a lot more for a yella.

    Thanks a heap for all you advice. Hopefully I can post a pic or 2 of a yella or 3 in Sept.

    Cheers, Pete
    Hobie Outback 2012 &
    Hobie Oasis 2012

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