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    barwon river geelong

    is dead.. no fish.. whats going on there? i tried everything over 3 days, night/day all different types of bait rigs.. i think there is a real problem down here

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    Re: barwon river geelong

    Barwon River is far from fact I often pull Bream, Esturary Perch, Flathead and any amount of small salmon from the river. It may have not fished well over the weekend due to the full moon and tides.

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    Re: barwon river geelong

    What are you targetting and where are you fishing?

    I'm a local by the way.

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    Re: barwon river geelong

    Good to see another Local on this site do you go in the Barwon?

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    Re: barwon river geelong

    I do very well on the Barwon River thank-you Gagga08.

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    Re: barwon river geelong

    Good on ya mate...not my favourite place to fish in the area, but its great if the wind is up!

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    Re: barwon river geelong

    Which part of the river do you fish mate? I fish the freshwater side.

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    Re: barwon river geelong

    Both...but mainly the sheepwash and around Barwon heads.

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