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    Bedford Weir?????

    Hi guys, ive just moved to Blackwater for a new job and the closest place to put the boat in is the "Bedford Weir" i was just inquiring on here to see if anyone has fished the weir before and if so what'd you catch and on what?

    Ive heard there is Barra and BIG redclaw in the weir but thats about all the info ive got. . . . .

    Any Info would be muchly appriciated.

    Cheers Thomas.

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    Re: Bedford Weir?????

    Hi Thomas, I live in Blackwater too(unfortunately. Last 2 summers has been a cracker for Barramundi, both upstream and downstream from the weir I have nailed a few.

    I have never caught one in Winter though, I've tried heaps but they just dont play the game.

    The floods we had back in Feb would have had an impact and I haven't heard of anyone getting a Barra since.

    Maybe when the hotter weather roles in it'll come good.

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    Re: Bedford Weir?????

    Flex, thanks for the reply mate.

    That sounds great mate. What lures do you find work here?

    have you ever caught any Saratoga there aswell? How far up the weir do you go? Any secret spots?????

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    Re: Bedford Weir?????

    Hi guys. Fished the weir on Fri night and Sat morn/day for the first time. Had heard that plenty of Saratoga were getting caught but we didn't get any. There was heaps of surface action early Sat morn. We got a few catties and also one yellowbelly. I live in Emerald.

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    Re: Bedford Weir?????

    Great info guys. I'll be fishing up that way in the next few months. I wouldn't mind catching something other than a cattie though.

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    Re: Bedford Weir?????

    Hey Herby are you fishing out of a Boat or shore? If shore then head down stream from the wall. lots of spots and snags to try. I have tried heaps of different lures down there, but the best by a long long way has been a 6 inch Golden lazer pro. when the fishing comp was on Gold bomber outdid everything else used.

    I have caught 2 saratoga downstream on plastics, dont often hear of many being caught. I got lucky and saw em feeding in the arvo and got them on a 5 inch Gulp plastic casting on their noses.

    When the water is running over the wier by about half a meter I caught quite a few Barramundi last xmas using plastics. Let the current take em under logs etc seemed to work great. 1 afternoon I nailed 6 in the space of 40 mins. but went back the next arvo and got 0...go figure..

    I have found the wier very very hit and miss. Last xmas the school teachers won the local Barra comp, catching 21 Barra over 2 days between 6 of em. But went down the following week and you'd swear the place is dead.

    Hopefully by summer things pick up when the water heats up, but until then I wouldn't waist your time. leave it until at least October IMO.

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    Re: Bedford Weir?????

    Hey there

    I used to live in Emerald too. I caught my PB toga at Bedford Weir, 68cm. It was a cracker. Experience and local knowledge will get you going there. Emeralds fishing was pretty hit & miss too but persistence pays.

    Keep plugging away Thomas

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    Re: Bedford Weir?????

    Thanks for the replies boys.

    Ive got my boat up here so i take tha out every trip.

    Went out yesterday for half the day in the morning, found a few nice shallow areas in bout constant 5 foot with the warmest water temps i could find of 22degrees, but no look in for me.

    I'll keep at it but, hope to see one of you's out there one day.

    I'll be in the purple boat with the Black AUSFISH stickers.


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    Re: Bedford Weir?????

    Couple of pics taken end of last year and early this one. When theres water coming over some good catches are taken off the road and downstream. When the weirs just about disappeared the mouth of the Fitzroy fishes well

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