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Thread: Lake Moogerah

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    Lake Moogerah

    I have a trip planned soon to visit Moogerah and I was wondering if anybody had any current feedback as to how the fishing is?

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Lake Moogerah

    Will be hard fishing with the current temperatures we've been having.

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    Re: Lake Moogerah

    Hi Funpaddle

    I have been to Moogerah 2 times in the last 3 weeks just for a couple of lazy hours on a Sunday morning.

    The first trip resulted in a couple of nice yellows, 1 on a trolled jackall and the other on a shrimp.

    The second trip resulted in a couple of small bass. However we trolled lures, and threw softies, jackalls and spinners, and tried a few ice jigs in some schooled fish all for a couple of hours all for no avail.
    I had the tin lids with and about 10 shrimp, so as a last resource went to the timber up the back and caught 7 bass on the 10 shrimp.

    I took a couple home for the table, which blew me away. Each bass we caught was just over legal however they were the best conditioned bass i have seen for ages. They were very wide and nearly as deep as they were long.

    The 2 bass I took home were only 33cm long. What blew me away was the first bass contained 14 bony bream about the size of large rainbow. The second bass contained 12 small bony bream again about the size of large rainbows.

    This means that the bass are feeding up very well, and there must be stacks of food and we were very lucky to catch 7 bass on the very small shrimps we had.
    All points to a great spring/summer season coming up on Moogerah.


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    Re: Lake Moogerah

    Good To See Moogerah Coming Good

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