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    berlie in freshwater

    does anyone know a good berlie for freshwater creeks that wont effect the waterways.

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    Re: berlie in freshwater

    Depends on what you are fishing for!?!?!

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    Re: berlie in freshwater

    Its all there if you think about it.

    The fish swim up the creeks in flood time as they get the tast of the runof. Worms, Shrimp Insects and Lobbies are carried down.

    If you crush the shell of a Lobbie or Shrimp it will improve the bite rate.

    If you mince some of your bait, worms shrimp or lobbies, in the mud of the creek bank and toss it into a running stream then fish above that you have got to bring them up stream.

    Be kind, only keep what you need.

    Regards Gordon

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    Re: berlie in freshwater

    On this topic, I was thinking/wondering if you could berley for barra in an impoundment - I guess not so much for barra but for baitfish. Often thought if you at a dam for a week and berlied a spot for a few days, whether baitfish would start to congregate there and entice some barra to the same spot that you can then target with lures????? Seeing that dams don't have a tidal run, you could keep your berley in the same area a lot more effectively.

    Anyone tried it?

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    Re: berlie in freshwater

    I tried it for a couple of days at Monduran and increased the catch of the catfish.

    A week in a likely spot sounds like a good test.
    You should direct the question to Jas, that may be the secret of his sucess.

    If he is reading he will give a good opinion. He is a good bloke.

    Regards Gordon

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    Re: berlie in freshwater

    Berley in Freshwater

    I have had some success in Leslie Dam with Berley. The berley we used was crayfish heads. How do I know it worked? We were using the peeled tails for bait and throwing the heads over for burley.
    We caught half a dozen yellows and when we cleaned them their stomachs contained teh crayfish heads.

    Also in the early days in Wivenhoe, often would take a packet of prawns and do the same thing. Use the tails and throw the heads in the water, more often than not any fish we caught usually contained prawn heads. No good to do that now as any prawns drag any catfish within a 500m range.

    Give it a try

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    Re: berlie in freshwater

    I know Jas does not berley up. I reckon he'd say that it could work but there are more important factors, especially when targetting barra.

    The other problem is that we rarely fish the one spot long enough to benefit from berleying.

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    Re: berlie in freshwater

    Hi guys
    I tryed some minced chicken over the weekend, as well as some left over prawns in the freezer from a trip to the pin.
    Caught a good 2kg yella, and guess what it had in its gut? A few peeled prawn heads we threw over the side.
    Theory worked for me.

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