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    keepit dam

    just after some advice on fishing keepit dam want to fish it pretty hard this year have seen some nice cod caught there and done well with yellas myself

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    Re: keepit dam

    the dvd 'Luring Murray Cod' has a bit of a secction on trolling hardbodies around a Keepit dam, they catch some nice fish but doesn't get real technical

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    Re: keepit dam

    I have not fished there for a couple of years, however the last few times we fished there, trolling oar-gee's and mudeye's in around 15-22 foot was working a treat, just find the structure and you should do ok.

    It can get really hot in the summer months, so early and late in the day are the go then.



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    Re: keepit dam

    hi guys.....

    have seen some nice larger cod caught at keepit over the last 3 weeks.must be moving about a bit with cooler weather. last sunday was fishing and was talking to a fisherman who had a big 50 odd pounder in his boat ,sad 2 see.but a nice fish.....cheers

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    Re: keepit dam

    Have found Jackall TN60 or 70's work well on both cod & yellows in summertime in about the 12-15ft depth along weed beds.

    Some guys I know have a lot of success with spinnerbaits/mumblers etc in amongst the trees in deeper water.

    Go & See Dean at Tamworth Fishing Tackle - he will help with whats working at the time.

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