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    1st MiniBucks Bass round coming up

    Hi All,
    Just a message to let all bass anglers that Round One: Borumba, 16th & 17th August 2008 is just around the corner. For those of you not aware, MiniBucks is a Non-Profit Charity Fund raising Event. We raise money for CityCare Charity to help the homeless in Brisbane. For all the tournaments, NO membership is required and it is a weigh in teams event. You pick your non boater and catch the fish total bag as a team. Heaps of fun and heaps of $CASH & great prizes to be won. As with all of our freshwater impoundments fishing tournaments we will always and have always given a donation to the local stocking group. We look forward to seeing you all for a great weekend and to help charity and support our stocking groups
    Any inquiries please contact me direct at and more info is available with entry forms and rules at http://

    Best Regards
    Club President

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    Re: 1st MiniBucks Bass round coming up

    Sounds Good Mark Cheers Kevin

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    Re: 1st MiniBucks Bass round coming up

    Guys and girls,
    would just like to say that its a well run tournament and alway great fun. Its not just the fishing side thats fun, but also the social side of things as well. Last year I did all the bass and bream rounds and also doing all the rounds again this year, as well as the week long Barra tournament at Awoonga in december. Can't wait for it.
    Hope to see you all at Borumba.
    Team Sniper

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    Re: 1st MiniBucks Bass round coming up

    Just replying in public instead of PM so all can get the message.
    Yes their will be a sausage sizzle on Fri night Sat Night & Sunday at presentation. All will be held at the Dear Park. YES there are still team places available & the fishing is always great, Thats why we go


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    Re: 1st MiniBucks Bass round coming up

    will be there mark fishing is going to be interesting though

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    Re: 1st MiniBucks Bass round coming up

    Just remember to bring ya beanies guys and gals. She's gonna be a chilly one.
    He Alan, you bringing the crab bait again?
    See ya there tomorrow

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