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Thread: Show us your Trout!

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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    Cheers Rosco.

    That trout went straight into the top 3 fish I have ever caught. I am guessing 10 to 12 pound. I had never fished for, let alone catch a trout before I went to Canada but loved every minute. And they are good chewing too. Got this one on a $25 Walmart rapala spinning combo and a 75c spoon also from Walmart (like a Big W if you have not heard of it).

    I would encourage you to get over there if you can make it happen. I am not a fly fisherman as yet but it is on the to do list for sure. They have a great fishery there that is very well managed and there are literally 1000's of lakes, 1000's. If you or anyone else ever wants more info just let me know and I will be happy to share what I know.

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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    Gday well this is my first trout and im stoked . OCT 4 2008 EBOR area,1 SAT,1 SUN.CHECK THE TAPE MEASURE LOL.
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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    My biggest trout yet.

    Im only fourteen so i hope ill catch bigger ones in the future.

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    What would Macgyver do . . . . . ?

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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    Thanks Jim,

    My biggest is a 7lb monster! (if you call that a monster).

    But in one of the rivers I fish.... I have seen 20lb+ fish free swimming... But they dont get that big from being stupid do they!


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    Re: Show us your Trout!


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    Re: Show us your Trout!


    Really nice fish mate.
    Cheers, Bandit

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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    Here are a few of my fav's from last year, was well worth the freezing cold weather! All on fly and released.

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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    More than 40 years ago. 6 1/2 lb Rainbow


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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    Good on ya Setthehook, I love just watching them swim away... trout are one of the most B.E.A UTIFUL fishing ever I think.

    Also Angla thank you for taking the time to scan the photo and post it up, I love looking at old photos and vids of "the good old days".

    Thanks for posting guys.
    Cheers, Bandit

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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    Sorry guys i have forgoten the name of this trout but i think they are siebling spp ? trout ( If i find out i will correct the name if i am wrong ). I caught quite a few while on hols in Austria a couple of years ago. These where the size of most of my catch, pan size. These guys all got the cold smoke treatment. The biggest fish i caught would have gone close to 7lb but i was by myself with no camera near by and i wanted to get it back into the water quickly. He was a beautiful fish with the hump and hooked jaw, i wish i had my camera handy for that one. They were all caught on celtas and really crap gear that i borrowed over there.

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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    look like brookeys.nice fish anyhow..cheers brett

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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    Hey Brett
    I havent caught a lot of trout but these were different to brooke trout i think. I have only caught one brookey years ago at jindi but. These are some sort of European one that they have in the lakes at Austria. They had bright blue and red pec fins and a red belly. I am more than likely wrong and they are brookeys but i remember brookeys having bigger and brighter spots. The spots on these where fairly dull when they came out of the water. My inlaws are going to be in Austria in a week or two visiting my wifes aunty so i will ask them to find out what they are called over there. Could well be the same fish with a different name.


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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    New England Rainbow caught on a Strike Pro "Pygmy"

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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    Hi guys,

    Nice fish muggles. I am hangin out to go trout fishing! Havent been in AGES as we have been coming up to QLD alot... and coming back in 2weeks for another 3.

    Fav Trout lures guys?

    Mine at the moment is the "Jackall Chubby" in Deep and Shallow depths... really works well... Colors, I like the Ayu and Ghost Ayu alot... but also the Bared one (forget its name... much like a tiny bared grunter).

    I live down here in Melbourne so we have alot of great trout waters... now just to go fishing!
    Cheers, Bandit

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