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    Back in the saddle

    After starting own building company last year have been very busy and unfortunately not getting out much.
    Thankfully everythings under control now so i got a couple of dives in the last few weeks.
    Two weeks ago nailed a 25-27kg hoo on the coffee rocks and today smashed a 20kg yellowfin, a huge pb for me. Also got our 10 crayfish and a few other bits n pieces.
    Pics tomorrow when take off video camera.
    Thanks to you ausfish guys keeping me going through those long months off the water.
    Cheers all Doug

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    Re: Back in the saddle

    Good to see you back online Doug. Can't wait for your reports and pics of the monsters of the deep (and shallow).


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    Re: Back in the saddle

    Yeh Doug, always loved your reports.. glad to hear your all sorted!
    Garry Ask us for an unbelievable Price on a new Honda

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    Re: Back in the saddle

    Always look forward to your reports Doug, can't wait for the pics!!!!

    You are definately on different gear to the rest of the world to be spearing those sort of fish holding your breath?????


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    Re: Back in the saddle

    Some yellowfin pics have to still get wahoo ones.

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    Re: Back in the saddle

    Good to see you back Doug
    Aswell as you monsters from the deep
    Watched your dvd just before Christmas well done on that too
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Re: Back in the saddle

    Did you just get the one shot into the tail of that YFT? Did he take you for a ride or did that shot slow him up a bit?


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    Re: Back in the saddle

    excellent mate

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    Re: Back in the saddle

    nice fish but not a yellow fin its a longtail and not a bad one.

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    Re: Back in the saddle

    Good to see you back on deck Doug

    Didnt turn a reel on a hoo round hutchies last summer

    Id call that for a Yellowfin - no doubt
    You can't be neutral on a moving train

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    Re: Back in the saddle

    Got some more pics.
    Heres the story on the tuna. We get out to the coffee rocks and i was first in the water saw some rocks 20m away start to swim as i load my gun and unwind my rigline. See on my left 20-30 tuna pass 10m away midwater then they veer across in front. I dive swim like a madman to intercept cause i know with these fish you get one chance. As i get closer they speed up i just get in range as the last one in school flies past i aim and fire at his head and hit him way back in tail. They were motoring by this stage. In my haste my rigline is around one of my fins and the tune blasts off pulling my fin 1/2 off while I'm getting dragged along. I get it off and my float smashes me on the way past. I surface yell "tuna" and the guys in the boat are saying 'good one wanka' until they see my float disappearing. It took about 10mins to get him back to the boat. Needless to say that made my day, i lay on the floor of the boat with it for a few mins to get my composure then back in the water.

    The wahoo story.
    Had been out getting crays when 4 25-30kg wahoo came and eyeballed me while i had a little cray gun. So all i could do was watch them swim away while i chucked a tantrum and cried my way back to the boat. The whole day i couldn't stop thinking about them so i convinced the guys to stop on the way home at the same spot. I got in , shot a slatey and burled for 20mins by this stage the other boys thought it was a lost cause and swam off. I stayed for another 10mins and before i left dove to the bottom and found a big cray on the sand under a rock. I shot it and on my way back up a wahoo swims right up to me. Before i hit the surface i had the cray off the spear. i reloaded and dove back down 5m holding the screaming cray out in my other hand. He could not resist coming back for a final look and i shot him through the spine, he just rolled over and it was all over.

    heres some more pics

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    Re: Back in the saddle

    As usual, top fish, photos and story. Great to see you back in the saddle
    A Proud Member of
    "The Rebel Alliance"

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    Re: Back in the saddle

    Great stuff Doug, I too have mised your updates, good to see you're back at it again, means the new venture is going O.K? Good on ya

    some very nice specimines there



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    Re: Back in the saddle

    Great fish there doug but I too would call that as a LT and not a YFT

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    Re: Back in the saddle


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