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    scarborough reefs

    just looking for some areas to go fishing in my canoe (just got it ) new to the area from up the coast . have tried redcliffe side of the hornibrook but little luck looking at heading out to some shallow reefs if there close enough ? any ideas would be great

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    Re: scarborough reefs

    From in front of Woody Point right through to Scarborough there are about 60 small reefs scattered that vary from the shoreline out to about 500m offshore. All of these reefs are frequented by bream squire snapper and tailor regularly.

    Launching from Queens Beach is very popular for kayakers and the reefs close to there yeild substantial fish regularly, you will have to nut out what works best for you though. So many differing tactics preferred by lots of people.


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    Re: scarborough reefs

    iv got a kayak and will be spending a fair bit of time ther once the water warms up a bit. so keep us posted ill head out aswell
    boat minder- only $40 a day

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    Re: scarborough reefs

    North end of Scarborough, about 1km out there are reefs that fish weel. Fish the rubble grounds just wider of the reef proper, and you get some good Snaps & Grassies. Has been Jewies caught there as well in the past, although not real common.

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    Re: scarborough reefs

    As with the above suggestions but have a lot of patience. Its a bit hit and miss.
    I use soft plastics, the snapper dont bite they just slam them. Leave your drag off a bit otherwise they'll get you a bit off balence. You dont need to go out far.
    If there's lots of motor traffic eg jet ski's the fish will go off the bite.
    I'm normally out either in a red Prowler yak or a blue Bluefin bowrider (when its cold and Im feeling wimpy). There's a heap of others that go out off Redcliffe that you will run across as well. Just introduce yourself (quietly - yakking is all about stealth) and they will generally make you welcome.

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    Re: scarborough reefs

    As mentioned already, avoid days with heavy boat or jet ski traffic as it gets pretty quiet on the fishing on those lovely Sundays with a 5 knot breeze and 3 million boats zooming in and out of the area. Best fishing can be after a good blow with a bit of breeze, preferbly a weekday if you can manage it early morn or late arvo with about 10 - 15 knots of breeze. This seems to discourage most of the tinnies and gives you a better chance of hooking a better fish.


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    Re: scarborough reefs

    thanks all for the tips sorry about the delay in getting back to you all been puting in a new kitchen ( fun and games) but will get out to try some of those spots hopefully in the next few weeks once again thanks all and will keep you posted

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