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    Re: Which fisherman are you.

    i am hard core but like most people i have to go to work that does not make me less of an enthusiest it just lets me be able to afford better quality gear so when i do snear that big one it wont snap me off. any fisherperson is a good one enjoy people.

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    Re: Which fisherman are you.

    Quote Originally Posted by spears View Post
    Makes me laugh with some of the comments in some forums.
    Lets see what we get in replies.

    There seems to be 2 types of fisherman.

    The ones that work there gear and the ones that must have there reels on shelves in the lounge room with high powered spot lights shinning on them to admire.

    A real fisherman works there gear hard and donít care about the look of the reel as they get used once or twice a week and donít get a wash down or lubed.
    These guys have to transport there rod and reel from car to jetty,boat or rocks and they get blown over by wind or roll around in the boat.

    These guys donít care if thereís scratches paint chips or bubbling paint on the alloy.
    Iíll bet they catch 10 to 1 of your fish cause they fish and not sit there looking and admiring there reels.

    Use your reels for what they are intended for and pull them apart every six months and do a service..

    Which fisherman are you.

    hmmm Yep makes me laugh some of the stuff I see on forums too - like this crap you've written!

    Seems to me your favourite form of fishing is on the forums - I can see which type of fisherman you are

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    Re: Which fisherman are you.

    Quote Originally Posted by spears View Post
    I think this question is directed to me ?
    Not at all.
    Some good fishermen know which reels to buy that perform and know there limits.They donít buy shiny reels instead buy workhorses that are reliable .The more you use a reel the more it looks worn out cosmetically even though it might be 6 months old.The more outings the more fish the more wear and tear.
    BR65 by all means twist things anyway you like
    I'm curious about the meaning of a work horse reel ....... Hell I'd call my 2 Daiwa Certates as workhorse reels ...... That have a price tag to match their ability
    So for the benefit of me & maybe some others ........ please give us some examples of your definition of Work horse reels ( light , medium & heavy spin will do for starters)



    PS ..... not looking after a reel is just laziness ..... IMO

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    Re: Which fisherman are you.

    i use the high end gear and also fish atlease twice a week. They copped a hammering when im out fishing. I also take good care of my gear when and when im not fishing. My reels are then kept in a glass cabinet with a nice pretty light that shines on them to admire. Im a "real" fisherman..... but Im also the so called other too.

    (when Im dead) my biggest FEAR is that my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it.........

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    Re: Which fisherman are you.

    Yep just plain old woollies top shelf gear, adores the bottom of my lice ridden noahs ark.
    Maybe i should upgrade both my woollies gear and noahs ark, so it corrects my misfortune of catching more grinners, rays and shovellies.
    Yes sir ree, flash gear does help the person behind it catch a few more fish, but so does cheap stuff, it depends on the operator.

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    Re: Which fisherman are you.

    I fish pretty hard, and go offshore at least once a week, sometimes twice.

    But I'm proud of my gear, keep it clean and serviced, am building quite a collection, too, have had to STOP buying stuff for the sake of it. Maybe I fall into both categories?

    Seriously, I think you could have created a few more categories, to avoid getting into some of the trouble below - the thread is not necessarily ill conceived, but could have been better thought through, IMHO.

    Or were you having a jealous poke at the folks out there who have all the gear? Hope not. People generally have things because they've worked their rings off. Very few free rides out there these days...

    Carbon Really Ain't Pollution.

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    Talking Re: Which fisherman are you.

    I classify myself as a 'REEL' fisherman

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    Re:Am I a "real" fisherman?

    Does sleeping with my Brand spanking new Calcutta mean I'm of the lessor fisher person? Does keeping my impeccably maintained $2500 8wt, work horse Fly outfit in the gun safe bring me disgrace in your eyes?
    Im with Tony M

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    Re: Which fisherman are you.

    I would like to think I catch ten times as many fish because I look after my gear. I clean my gear after each trip and put my rods safely in a holder whilst moving between destinations. I get in as many casts as anyone else and usually land as many or more good fish than anyone I'm with. This is a wank of a thread.

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    Re: Which fisherman are you.

    The thing that got me thinking about this post was the amount of reels selling in pristine condition with models 12+ months old and not even a scratch.
    With words stating caught various named 30kilo + fish without fail or to smaller reels for bream etc.
    Owning a graphite reel shows little scuff marks compared to alloy.
    For me having a variety of brands in different price ranges I find that reels get dropped,fall over and have a big slide across the boat floor or car.
    But we see some reels with a lot of stated use in this pristine condition.
    If I get a lot of sea spray over a reel I always give it a wash at the end of the day cause it needs it,otherwise if its still looks ok I leave it.
    When I go to other peoples places I see reels that have got fish scales over the rod grips,blood on the reel.
    Has things gotten to such a stage with reels that they are getting treated as a valuable antique,when they should only serve a with it.
    Have some people gone soft or treating this like a kids12 year old Christmas gift and admiring a piece of metal.
    Come on guys itís a fishing reel no matter what price ,what about looking at it as that .

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    Re: Which fisherman are you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tetsuo View Post
    I would like to think I catch ten times as many fish because I look after my gear. I clean my gear after each trip and put my rods safely in a holder whilst moving between destinations. I get in as many casts as anyone else and usually land as many or more good fish than anyone I'm with. This is a wank of a thread.
    You responded..welcome to wankers club

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    Re: Which fisherman are you.

    I get your point Spears, But Nup, The dollar cost dictates that the reel/gear should be looked after. Seeing "blood and grease" on the rod is akin to bad house keeping. I consider myself fortunate to have a few good reel and rods, They are hard earned toys and I look after them. I enjoy looking after them.
    So I am careful of my gear, But if it gets scratched in battle then so be it, Its still good gear.

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    Re: Which fisherman are you.

    This is all a bit odd; how hard is it to wash the blood and scales off, or to put an outfit in a rod holder instead of on the deck/car floor? Despite heavy use, my reels are in excellent condition and it has taken comparatively little effort to keep them so. When it is so easy to look after one's gear, why not look after it?

    Not that I'm a fisherman, technically I shouldn't have replied I guess!

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    Re: Which fisherman are you.

    This is the point Iím trying to make
    Think of things this way
    I offer you a stella 8000 new in box for $740
    I then tell you that I have a 8000 with a noticeable scratch on the main body and can offer it to you for $640
    Which one would most people buy
    So what happens if you pick the 740 and on the first outing it has a nasty accident and the reel goes tumbling down a rocky break water,but survives with scratches and paint chips but the reel is still fully working.
    Do we now throw the thing away or do we keep using it
    What difference does it make it still works and catches fish

    Why are people so concerned how a reel looks
    I am more focused on catching fish then how cosmetically the rod grips or reels looks like

    ADD..Sorry Nic fisherperson

    I'm done..can't see any point going on about this..
    Interesting feed back.

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    Re: Which fisherman are you.

    thats a nice bag you have caught there spears....are you going to release em all or keep em for the table?


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