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    nice rainbow from diamond lake oregon, usa

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    Re: rainbow

    Nice catch, looks like a top location to boot. What fly was his undoing?

    Fly rods were made to bend!

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    Re: rainbow

    #12 black wooly bugger, little bit of scent on the leader (scent on the fly gums it up). i'm not sure what a wooly bugger is supposed to represent, but it's been my go-to for years. i've caught all different kinds of fish on it. google diamond lake, it has kind of an interesting story to it.
    tight lines,

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    Re: rainbow

    Pretty fish, pretty place. Thanks for sharing Joe.
    Just googled the place, good to hear it's turned around after those pesky minnows were wiped out. We've quite a few lakes over here with pests swimming around...our biggest problems seem to be carp and tilapia.

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    Re: rainbow

    Great location an a Great photo.....Thanks Whitto

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