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    Do You Fish For Bass In Winter ???

    Hi all just wondering if you do any bass fishing in the dams during the colder months ?

    If you do what tecniques work and time of day water depth , lures etc.

    I am wanting to do a bit and was wondering if i am wasting my time i normally fish maroon dam

    any input would be great .


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    Re: Do You Fish For Bass In Winter ???

    Some of the best bass fishing can be had through winter.
    Bass in winter usually school up and once the school is found they can be easy to catch once you find what they'll take.

    Usual winter tactics include fishing points in 4-8m water with soft plastics and deep fly. You can fish bank hours as well and they will bite all day. Stick to natural/ suttle colours in the plastics - sliders, ecogear grass minnows, atomic bass grubs, fat grubs or paddle tails are some of my favorites and 3/8 - 1/2oz jigheads. Just a slow roll through some schooled fish is the go. You may not catch cricket scores, but the quality of big, roed-up winter bass is hard to beat.

    If you troll lures, again natural colored deep divers that get down through the schooled fish will draw strikes.

    Maroon fishes pretty well over winter and there are fewer skiers around.

    Moogerah should start fishing well soon as well, but pretty much all the dams in SEQ fish well through winter.

    Hope that helps,

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    Re: Do You Fish For Bass In Winter ???

    Pumba Hit The Nail On The Head We Have Had Some Great Sessions In Winter On Most Of The Dams Around The Southeast And Big Fish Too In Great Nic Schooling Bass In Deep Water Are Our Main Targets.

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    Re: Do You Fish For Bass In Winter ???


    fish some SEQ dams only in winter


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    Re: Do You Fish For Bass In Winter ???

    Prime time to get onto some big fat fast moving bass. I fish from the bank at North Pine Dam and have been just casting further with heavier lures in the afternoons. Still get the occasional bass snooping close to the bank, especially when the sun goes behind the mountains.
    Most of the bass I pull from the water have nice round little bellies.

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