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    Murray River Cod

    I want to get into targeting "the green fish" on a fly rod, in particular in NSW northern tablelands. I have seen enough online to know that some people fish for Murray Cod on a fly, but it is a bit hard to break through the plastic throwers' prejudice to get answers about the way to fish for these guys from many of the experienced cod fishermen. Any one have suggestions, in particular of fly patterns to try? I have heard Pink Things, and salt water Clousers, as well as a few Deceivers have been successful. Anything else?

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    Re: Murray River Cod

    For starters it helps to have a canoe or kayak to fish the rivers around the New England. You can still catch Cod in winter on fly (landed 3 on the weekend) but there more active during the warmer months. Get yourself a 9wt with a Intermediate sink line and a bass type floater for the surface stuff. I like Sages new short Largemouth flyrod and the floating line that comes with it is very good as well. I dont get too carried away with carrying heaps of flies, I have had good success lately using rattling clousers in 2/0 (gamakatsu sl12s) orange and black, yellow and black using medium real eyes plus. Always cast too structure and at floating duckweed that gets pushed up along logs, and keep casts short but accurate.
    regards Nick.

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    Re: Murray River Cod

    I know exactly what you mean about prejudice, not only plastics, but baities. Went into two or three stores in Echuca looking for local flies/knowledge and all I got were looks of incrdu/icrelid/incrudelit/ anyway you know what I mean; like I had two heads.
    Get some strange looks while fishing in estuaries too, although saltwater flyfishing is getting popular in Qld. these days.
    I'll be keeping my eyes open for any tips on cod, and intend to take the caravan to those northern NSW rivers within the next 12 months.

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