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Thread: Ausfish Premium Membership option

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    The way I see it, everyone still contributes the forum so there is no distiction between paid and unpaid. If I pay up, i get less adds and more PM space. Everyone will see my posts if I pay, and everyone will still see my posts if I dont pay. Everyone who pays will see my posts, everyone who does not pay will see my posts.

    Why would I pay? The only thing I hate about this forum is the pop up video adds that appears occasionaly, which I have not seen in a while. Is missing that worth $80 a year, probably not. But $80 a year to help keep this place running is less than what I pay for my fishing rag subscriptions. This place provides a lot more knowledge than the fishing rags.

    However, if this was subscription only, then count me out. Some of my best fisho mates could never afford it, and we would miss out on a lot of info from some really talented guys. So I am happy to throw in a few bucks to support what I think is a good thing. At the end of the day we are all here for the same thing, so there is no elitism.

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Quote Originally Posted by sambos View Post
    ok kingtin
    I stand corrected I. interpreted the info incorrectly.
    I logged on and thought i had to pay to view in future.And saw red.But after reading again as u sugested i got the whole picture .Some of us are only carpenters after all.l,ll remove my post,but dont see the value in membership.Whose gonna give away good gps marks that will be flogged in no how ever will appreciate the extra photo oppotunities as your ad on the end of your posts suggest
    Cheers mate. An apology on one hand, and a shnide dig on the other.........a sign of a true diplomat

    If you look at my "ad" properly, you will see that it as there as a (free) offer to Ausfish members who may want something to hang on their wall that won't cost 'em an arm and a leg. Just as you jumped to conclusions about this thread, you have jumped to conclusions about me, but hey! I ain't no carpenter as I left school at 14 and was in the army at 15, so perhaps I don't express myself too well. My apologies.


    See my fish photography here:
    Quality digital copies free to Ausfishers............use as wallpaper or can be printed......size up to 20 x16. PM for details.

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    I actually don't mind the ads. I seem to be able to focus on the fishing related content and look past the advertising material.
    However it must be said that advertising is a way to pay for operating costs and I don't want you to lose those dollars. I hope they do not see that less people are seeing their adds so they want to pay less.
    This will not stop me from browsing the forum and adding my 2 cents and puting up a post of some future trip where I actually catch something.
    I have been a part of this site for a long time now and am addicted to it most every night, less I be out fishing. I would like to contribute in the near future to its founders for such an outstanding site. I will just wait and see for now though as the ball and chain is watching all funds at the moment.


    I agree with donating on a voluntary basis as this is. Thanks Steve

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    The only reason i think that subcription would work would be is if there was a completely differen section for reports, gps marks and general info. This site has completely changed my life since i joined at least 5 years ago. Met great mates, been on remote fishing trips,caught new species,jacks,jew,snapper on plastics,pearl perch, dolphin fish,amberjacks... and the lists go on and we all have steve to thank for that... i would just like to see maybe a seperate body of information to those fisherman that are that dedicated to fishing/training. that general hawkers arent allowwed to see... and thats what payment would include.
    Also maybe a live chat forum would also be a good privledge for paying members,
    I am getting married this year and overseas honey moon... i would like just like to more kickbacks for people that join and i'll be there.... again cheers Everyone and thanks for the help ova the years

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Far out!!
    I was gonna quote so many posts on the way through reading this thread!

    I have seen this situation occur on other forums.
    The whole point of the exercise is not one of making money as such, just some recompense. Ausfish has indicated this is voluntary, you can pay to become a 'XXX' member.... Being an 'XXX' member you should be able to access some stuff that 'normal' members cant..otherwise why would you bother???

    Ad's... with the faster server...mostly no worries..
    Pix....dont catch enough fish...

    The idea should/could perhaps be modified and make a user that WANTS to donate to the upkeep of the site...a sponsor....
    You could perhaps have bronze, silver gold etc...sponsors... (not advertisers...)
    $5, 10 $50 $500...etc...

    The gps marks thing originally posted by me was a little bit of a jest.

    Certainly, if there were a section that included this, It would be good, no doubt. Perhaps a swap system?? I dunno!!
    I would post some of my marks up here, but rock up on a saturday to find 20 ausfish stickered boats on my mark?.......

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    me ,i dont care about the pop ups, making the site move faster, just get seamonkey[ its great]. ill pay for it as i do know that steve pays for it. if poeple here that make a dollar from others here[ i to am to blame]made donations from time to time it would be all the guys that ive just done work for , and any in the future i will make that donation. as steve and i spoke about it a couple of days ago. as for elitism i dont think that will happen, the site is for fisho,s buy fisho,s. the bottom is really in this day and age you dont get nothing for nothing cheers guys sid

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    nail me to the wall if this has been covered,,, but i read up to page 4,,, and i'll stand by my decision,,,

    why segregate??

    i have no probs in paying 40,,,50,,,100 dollars to enjoy anything that encompasses fishing,,,making new friends and knowing an m&g or a healthy debate on line helps pass the time and creates more friendship

    we have seen and heard numerous query's re membership status,,,

    understanding 200% that running this board costs $$,,, and also looking outside the square,,, there are a lot of people out there that an outlay of $$ will mean hardship in someway of contributing

    my choice,,, is simple,,, i'll pay,, no probs,,,but most of the benefit wont be used

    i dont believe in a special emblem to mark my handle that i contribute,,,much the same as mrs choppa doesn't believe in the outlay of branding the truck,,, (trucks) with the ausfish logo

    but i still do it,,, and will keep doing it,,,

    to me personally,,, i've had the chance of meeting some good people on this site,,, and i'll hopefully continue to do so,,, whether there was ads/pop ups didn't stop it


    steve,,,,,,,your still doing a great job either way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i still have the bank account details ,,,i think,, if not i'll pm4 it
    can it get any better??????????????,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    So it's true, everything is more expensive in Australia. A 1 yr subscription to The Hull Truth (US website with same type of system) is US$20 (per annum)

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Quote Originally Posted by John Martin View Post
    So it's true, everything is more expensive in Australia. A 1 yr subscription to The Hull Truth (US website with same type of system) is US$20 (per annum)

    The point is, IT IS STILL FREE. You dont need to pay.

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    deleted ........
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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Steve, I'd like to suggest U get rid of the GPS section, nobody is going to post a secret location there and we all know where Scarby reef and Mud island are. Make that forum a general area for Premium members to post anything they want, ie. special offers to those who help support the site financially, some one might want to give something away or be a bit slow at work and able to do trade work at a discount. Anything!

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    Regards Dids
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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option


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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Rob T

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    A question if one may.

    If advertisers spend money on this site to reach the 25,664 members and the number able to be reached is significantly reduced as a result of this offer (Premium) will advertisers choose to spend their money elsewhere?

    Instead of the site being increasingly attractive to advertisers who have up until now been able to reach the exact demographic they seek its attraction may decline particularly as those who no longer have a chance to read the adverts are potentially the early adopters and similar with disposable income to spend and to spare.

    This change may well decrease advert readership to the point where advertisers find it far less attractive to spend their dollars here.

    On the other hand as membership numbers grow and the reach is enhanced advertising rates could have reflected this.

    The current move may result a negative and totally undesirable outcome for all concerned.

    At present one suspects the symbiotic relationship between AF members and advertisers has been growing and perhaps this change to exclude adverts etc may not yield all the results that were hoped for.

    Time will tell.

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    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealAndy View Post
    The point is, IT IS STILL FREE. You dont need to pay.
    and I agree (understand that). My point is that if you want to join the Ausfish"membership club" you do pay and IMO it is expensive when overseas sites charge half that for twice as long (ie: $20 / yr and another site charges a once off $20 fee and you've got premium membership for as long as you visit their site, but everything else on the site is free. Membership only allows you to access certain areas and load images/videos etc). This backs up many of the discussions that are held on the electonics forum of this site that equipment is more expensive in Aus. So, it's my observation that it's not only marine electronics that is more expensive in Aus, it's everything, website membership included! That's just an observation......not a complaint
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