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Thread: Jetski Fishing Chat Board

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    Jetski Fishing Chat Board

    I'm keen to make contact with other mad fisho's who have, or have thought about trying fishing from a jet ski. Perhaps Mr Webmaster could set up a JetSki Fishing chat board for us to make contact, swap ideas, setups, etc etc.

    While it's still fringe - a bit like kayak fishing was in the early 90's - having tried it I'm convinced we've only scratched the surface and there is real potential. From the discussions I've had on boat ramps, there's lot of interest (perhaps it's only curiosity ) out there. I know it's popular in South Africa, has a following in the US and across the ditch and there area few fishskis around SE QLD.

    I've just set up a Yamaha FX HO and, after some major trial and error, have a setup which is very fishable.

    For those of you who hate inconsiderate jetski hoons - and as a long time fisho I do too - that's not what we are about and the kit we carry doesn't mix well with donuts, 180's etc.


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    Re: Jetski Fishing Chat Board


    I have a basic rod holder set up on my ski and like to flick soft plastics for Flathead. The set up on your ski looks impressive, could you PM me with some photos and details of your set up.



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    Re: Jetski Fishing Chat Board

    I've never tried Jetski fishing , i guess if you trolled a reef pick about 50m behind your boat you would catch a few as they tried to jump your wake, good spots i think would be any where on the broad water or seaway or in front of any boat ramp!! The more i think about it the better i like the idea, i dont think catch a release will be a winner though, strictly capture and not to be returned to the water is the go, with luck if this takes off they will become extinct!!!! Great idea Fushn, Steve( Mr Ausfish) a jetski fishing chat board pleeeeese!!

    Alcohol doesn't agree with me, but i sure do enjoy the argument!!!

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    Re: Jetski Fishing Chat Board

    You'd think I might have learn't how to NOT double post by now...........nah.

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    Re: Jetski Fishing Chat Board

    So when my jet powered tinny is in use - where would it belong? The twilight zone?

    P.S. any of you jetski boys run into a tree, charter boat etc give me a yell - I'm still looking for a cheap motor and jet........

    PPS. Slow day at work eh Ian?

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    Re: Jetski Fishing Chat Board

    Sit in = boat; sit on = ski; tin ski = ouch!

    Will keep you in mind for spares

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    Re: Jetski Fishing Chat Board

    Have a look at Jet Ski Brian.

    My dictionary defines green as ‘unripe, immature, undeveloped'. Perfect description.

    Most political parties are seen as interested in what the voters think, the Greens are seen as thinking the community should be interested in what they think.

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    Re: Jetski Fishing Chat Board

    Hey Ian,

    Any idea on bag limits


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    Re: Jetski Fishing Chat Board

    I once thought about jet ski fishing but at the moment I stick to my Kayak fishing. Don't get me wrong, I think Jetski fishing would be great.
    I thought if I ever did it I'd make a custom platform on the back with rod holders for trolling etc and a couple of long range fuel pods on each side not to mention EPIRB etc etc

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    Re: Jetski Fishing Chat Board

    As much as I dislike the usual run of the mill arrogant 'dont give a stuff about anyone else on the water' jet skier, I do know a number of fishos who have converted their Jetskis for fishing, including one who used to rendesvous with his his fathers game boat way off Moreton...and has many very impressive captures off his 'ski. Not such a silly idea.....and one I have been contemplating. Now to figure out how to mount an electric on one....................................

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    Re: Jetski Fishing Chat Board

    Yep an electiric would have been vey useful up at Monduran Dam a few weeks back but a telescopic paddle will have to do for now. There are ultralight electrics like the Torpedo which are used on Kayaks and could possibly be stowed when cruising and clipped to the rod rack when fishing shallow or close in. Half the fun will be seeing if it's a goer. Now just need to work out there to put the shower, head and galley!:-)

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    Re: Jetski Fishing Chat Board

    just thinking about the potential areas that a jetski, set up for fishing, with an electric on board, would open up. I reckon they could probably get to creeks and areas in lakes that even a small tinny would struggle brain is doing double time thinking about it. How much water does your 'ski draw?


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    Re: Jetski Fishing Chat Board

    Needs 60mm to operate safely without sucking sand etc into the jet intake but much less to float.

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    Re: Jetski Fishing Chat Board

    anywhere to mount a sounder/gps on it?

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    Re: Jetski Fishing Chat Board

    Hey Fushn
    I have just setup my 15f with esky and rod holders and am keen to get out there.
    I'm based in Greenslopes but happy to travel up or down the coast for some descent fishing spots.
    I haven't done much fishing in QLD yet but have plenty of experience pulling up reds and blue fin in South Oz. Keen to chase some of the QLD pelagics.
    I'd be keen to catch up for a fishing session.
    Only weekends for me though.
    Let me me know when you're keen for a line and we'll arrange something.

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