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Thread: Ausfish Premium Membership option

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Quote Originally Posted by Simmo2 View Post
    Dont forget Steve....!!
    The secret gps marks section...only for Premium members!

    secret gps marks section?? fact or fiction?? if fact, I'm in on a Premium M'ship.

    cheers, Mark

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Quote Originally Posted by Black_Rat View Post
    Multi quote

    I know it's not part of the image or attatched but it is in your face when you just want to see someones image they have specially selected for us to see and/or admire

    I'll leave it at that
    No different to the way the rest of the site works, viewing a post, PM, etc

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Quote Originally Posted by sleepygreg View Post
    Would love to sign up, but i dont have a credit do i do this?

    Just setup a Paypal account, you can use your Bank Account if you don't have a credit card.

    See for details

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet Rider View Post

    secret gps marks section?? fact or fiction?? if fact, I'm in on a Premium M'ship.

    cheers, Mark
    A GPS marks section can be setup just for Premium Members. It would be up to the Members to add the marks.

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Make that - A GPS Marks section has been opened for Premium Members.

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    It's late..............the deckie has just come home after being run off her feet................SORT THE HEALTH SYSTEM RUDD!.................I'll sign up tomorrow.


    See my fish photography here:
    Quality digital copies free to Ausfishers............use as wallpaper or can be printed......size up to 20 x16. PM for details.

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Why would you want to divide the community..? ignore the ads. Personally I wouldnt subscribe, and knowing that I was only in part of the forum and there was an "elite" elsewhere I would lose interest. I would be very surprised if the forum didnt suffer from doing this. I was talking to a member tonight who is selling his new boat under financial pressure of rising interest rates and costs...fishos like him are not going to pay $40 for 6 months.Sorry to be a dissenting voice but I think this is a bad mistake. Much better to reduce operating costs by limiting posts to one photo or other cut backs.

    Even though I think this one is a really bad idea wnat to congratulate admin on running a really good board.

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Sounds like a good idea

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Would love to sign up, but i dont have a credit do i do this?


    Me, too, only cheque.

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    I'm in favour.

    It will allow those running it to take the pressure off trying to find money to run it.

    It will give Ausfishers more bragging space (for those that need it - I can't catch fish, so I don't need it!)

    I had asked myself previously how these folks manage to run this without personal cost. Many thanks for doing so, I bet it's been more for love than money. I very much appreciate it!

    $40 for 6 months? Hell, that's chook feed for the majority, and it's the majority that have to be catered for.

    I think it's well done to have the no paid option. It is important to retain full content viewing for this option - the gps section won't show any really funky spots anyway, if I know fishermen!

    Carbon Really Ain't Pollution.

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option


    It amazes me how you continue to offer great innovations, upgrades and options to this site. It just goes go show that you listen to the membership and have your finger on the pulse.

    If everyone had seen the humble beginnings of Ausfish, they would now be appreciative of how far it has come and how it keeps up with the times and in fact is a market leader.

    One of the most attractive offerings of the site is its ' options ', you have a choice... most internet forums will NOT offer this.

    All innovations come at a cost to the Administrator and it is up to them how these costs are funded or absorbed. By offering choices to the membership, creates the options, this is probably similar to buying a new car... still a great car and will do everything you want it to, but you can have the extras at a nominal fee, the choice is yours.

    The current offers are fantastic, nice work.

    I'll get working on my GPS submission list asap.

    Cheers Phill
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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Just a suggestion - Make it a straight $40.

    When I'm charged 95 cents on the end of a price, I feel like I'm being ripped off somehow.

    To me, $40 sounds better than $39-95

    Its a two figure amount, rather than a four figure amount.

    Well, it makes sense to me anyhoo.

    Cheers, Ross

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    .....just follow the on screen prompts. It only takes less than a minute to do.

    feeling like such a dumb @rse - can't find the link to sign up ????
    where is it please ??

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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    Personally I have no problems with the adds.
    As a small business person I understand your need for advertising to cover running costs.
    As Mindi stated earlier, I would be hoping elitism doesn't raise its' ugly head, though I doubt it will, given the quality of the membership.
    I am a member of quite a few similar sites both here and OS, IMHO this is by far the best in Aus and certainly equal to anything OS.
    For me it is the quality of the membership that make this site so good, most folk are fair dinkum, happy to both give friendly helpful advice and receive it from others, and most importantly from my (older) POV, happy to embrace the concept of respecting others and their sometimes contrary opinions. It is this wonderful maturity of attitude that sets this site apart, IMHO.
    Whatever you want/need do in your wisdom as site owner/administrator/moderators etc is fine by me.
    I appreciate this site very much, but at this point I am happy to remain an un-subscribed member. I thank you for the choice, and for the opportunity to remain an active site-member.
    Best wishes, nigelr.
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    Re: Ausfish Premium Membership option

    I have been on ausfish since 2001 - close to the beginning - and I am not thrilled with this. I am not poor, but I do watch how I spend my money. I think it will split this site into the elite and the rest. I'll put up with extra adds for now and see what happens.

    I would prefer a user pays system. Make those people who want to post heaps of photos and have galleries pay a small additional cost for the privelege.

    Last thing, a bit more transparency might help convince me and maybe others to bear the extra cost. What are the running costs for this site? Tax deductable? What is the advertising revenue you make? Are the moderators paid?


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