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    Exclamation The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    Hello fellow Ausfishers,
    In general conversation this morning at work one of my collegues shared a fishing mishap with me which I thought I would in turn share with everyone here because I guess there are certain things that happen during fishing that we just would never dream about and this is one of them.
    Yesterday a friend of my lady collegue decided that he and a mate would sneak in an early fish rather than head off to work. They got on the water nice and early and headed to one of his favourite reefs. Not many people on the water he discovers so he and his friend position themselves over some structure and drops anchor. Soon they were joined by another vessel and the skipper also anchors on the same reef but within a considerate distance away from my collegues friend. The skipper from the other boat manages to do what a lot of us do when fishing on a reef and gets his hook well and truly snagged. He winds his reel and gets a considerable amount of tension on it to dislodge the hook but the 40lb+ mono was not going to snap easily. Eventually it was time to give and the mono snaps with a massive crack but then the unthinkable happens. The sinker fires with great velocity and manages to hit my collegue's friend in the eye with such force it knocked him to the floor of the boat like a sack of proverbial sh!t. He was flown to hospital where he has undergone surgery and the prognosis is not good. He looks like he will lose the eye. So with this I would like to urge you all to just be careful with even the most apparently stupid things because tragedy can strike when we least expect it.


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    Re: The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    that wouldn't have been the most pleasant feeling,i would have had snotted the other skipper

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    Re: The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    A old friend lost an eye in almost exactly the same scenario on Scarby Reef some 30 years ago. No matter how many times you see or hear of it happening, it is always sickening.

    Hope your mate gets through this ordeal with as little discomfort as possible.


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    Re: The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    ooh best of luck to him. i have ad the same at shorncliffe pier he hooked a snag on like 30lb line and puuled it tight and because he had the sinker wrapped onto the line the hook snapped and back came the #3 or 4 ball sinker with the line still attached and cracked me in the chest i ended up with a really nice big bruise on my chest and was winded, i know how much that hurt so i can't imagine in the eye. best of luck to him.

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    Re: The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    I guess that is a disadvantage of Mono line? The stretch in this case resulting in a rubber band effect. I would assume that braid would be considered a bit "safer" in this scenario and not so prone to sling.? Do the lure guys find this is also the case?

    Sad to hear of these sort of accidents, wish the the guy the best in his recovery.



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    Re: The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    I was in the PA hospital way back when I was a lad in 1979/80 I think it was. There was a guy from Rockhampton who'd done the exact same thing but got himself with a huge surf sinker

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    Re: The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    Yep....the proverbial early morning sickie. We've all had them at one stage or another. Unlucky for your mate it all went belly up for him. Geez thats gotta hurt and I hope it doesn't end up as serious as it sounds. I am sure all our thoughts are with him.
    It is a reminder though that we should all keep our wits about us and never lose sight of the possibilities. It is also lucky that he had someone with him. Thanks Poodroo for the timely warning.

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    Re: The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    Sad story Poodroo. Please pass on best wishes if you are able to. Incidences like these remind us of how sometimes our own existence is virtually hanging by a thread. Live life while we can.

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    Re: The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    Shocking story, I have with the hindsight of experience and been able to pull myself up half way through the same exercise, sinkers have found my body before and it hurts, there is much weekly we get away with, fate favors no individual. Hope the prognosis improves.

    Cheers fnq

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    Re: The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    A few years ago I was fishing with a mate in Grahams Ck which is part of the Narrows up from Gladstone. He snagged his line in quite shallow water, and a fair distance from the boat. The rod was a Black Queen and it had an arch in it like you wouldn't believe with the mate fairly leaning on it. Yep it happened, line broke and the #3 ball came back faster than we could see, smashed his sunglasses and straight into his left eye. Bloody incredible that they seem to find the eye.

    Careflight to Brisbane and they saved his eye, but it was a lesson I shall never forget. If you must pull hard like that, warn everyone else to turn away, and turn your own back on it. If it's not too much line to lose, cut the bloody thing.

    Best wishes to this other poor bugger. A very painful experience indeed.


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    Re: The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    That sounds like an absolutely freeky thing. I hope the injured person is able to carry on after things heal, be it with 1 or 2 eyes. There would be major hurdles for him I would think.


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    Re: The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    Did he have sunnies on? At least that would have slowed it up a bit.

    Its terribly unlucky for him, I hope things improve.

    All the best to the poor fella.


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    Re: The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    i always fish with sunnys on for sighting fish ,glare, and PROTECTION,, BUT I DO KNOW HOW EASY IT HAPPENS....i also got hit in the eyebrow lucky enough while fishing at night and had caught ahuge ray when snap and the sinker cracked me,,, few stitches and didnt really realize how lucky i was till next morning thinking about it,,,,LETS HOPE ALL GOES WELL for your friend... cheers bdowdy.brett

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    Re: The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    Not as serious as the abovementioned incident but,

    A while ago I took a couple of mates to Hervey Bay to do some spottie mackerel fishing. Of the 4 of us, 3 were experienced at tossing slugs at spotties and the newbie was a surf fisho.

    Anyway, we are having a red hot bite and slugs getting tossed in order. But newbie drags a mack to the boat, I grab the leader and haul it onto the deck, as I do, the slug gets shaken free and hits me in the forehead. Then I feel this pulling… the newbie is trying to cast the slug back at the spotties, that are all round the boat, and the slug is inbedded in my forehead. So I am there holding the leader, yelling “ stop stop “, and this guy is yelling back, “ no they are all around “….. anyway, finally get him to stop yanking and I cut off the leader and tell him to tie another slug on.

    So trebles are in the skin and a trickle of blood is flowing down the face onto the nose. Cool, I think, and call to other mate to take a pic for AF. No, I’m busy was his reply and he’s hauling in another fish. So I ask other mate to remove slug from head. Nope, trebles gone through skin and poking out other side. Well cut them off. Trouble being, the wires in the slugs are good quality and we have blunt pliers. I am on my knees in front of mate while he is yanking and twisting pliers in an effort to remove slug, blood trickling and the other two ferrets tossing slugs at spotties and having a good time.

    Finally cut off slug, then time to cut ends of trebles… another hard task. Cut them off, and push trebles through skin and I am free. Newbie keeps apologizing, but it’s not his fault, these things happen, but have been noted for future reference.

    Should always carry those mini bolt cutter things. Only things that will cut successfully through stainless wires and hooks, without twisting and draggin ya head from side to side.

    It was a laugh at the time and even now, but it could have been a whole lot worse, 60mm further down and she’d be straight in the eye. Ouch !

    Still think about me on my knees and old mate trying to cast slug all the time attached to my head. Lol

    Cheers phill
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    Re: The Hazards Of Fishing!!!

    Two of my mates were fishing spotties out from point Cartwright. Mick hooked a good fish and fought it back to the boat. They were using chrome slugs. The fish had its usual last dash and the slug flew free. Two of the treble hooks embedded in his top and bottom lips. End of fishing. Chris rushed him over to Kawana medical centre. After he parked the boat he was able to locate mick by the doctos and nurses laughter. I doubt if they would have been laughing if it had hit his eye particularly pointy end first.
    Mick rated the pain of the hooks at about three. He rated the pain of the local anaesthetic injection just under his nose at ten.

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