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    stocking groups around sydney?

    can anyone point me towards any stocking organistions around syney n.s.w ?

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    Re: stocking groups around sydney?

    We donít have the stocking organisations found in QLD who grow their own fish, rather four different systems of fish stocking in NSW to get the job done.
    Private trout hatcheries which supply the seafood market and some fingerlings for purchase by the public to stock private farm dams.
    The publicly funded govt trout hatchery which stock public dams and supply fingerling to the fishing clubs to distribute in throughout the rivers.
    Then we have native fish stocking, govt funding allows private hatcheries to produce fish for stocking in public dams. Native fish are generally not stocked into rivers except under the dollar for dollar scheme.
    Lastly we have the dollar for dollar scheme in which fishing clubs donate money for stocking native fish and in return the govt matches the money and the club has some say where the fish go.

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    Re: stocking groups around sydney?

    are you aware of what clubs participate in the dollar for dollar scheme

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