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    Tassie trip - any tips???

    Planning a trip to Tassie for a couple of weeks in November/December and there are so many options I don't know where to start!
    Any tips as to where to base ourselves would be greatly appreciated.
    Won't have a boat so fishing will be shore based.

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    Re: Tassie trip - any tips???

    Mate I would base myself at the great lake so many options there you got a heap of great wter Little Pine, Nineteen Lagoons area, todds corner depending on water penstock would be my pick great water for fly, and if you like rivers the nive is down the track and the chain lakes (bronte, brady's, binney and tungatina) are a hour away if that so yeah I would stay there.. theres a shalet at mienna

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    Re: Tassie trip - any tips???

    thanks TT
    I was thinking of somewhere in the Arthurs Lake, Bronte area so I was no too far off.
    Where is the chalet you mentioned? Do you have any details?
    Jeff S

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    Re: Tassie trip - any tips???

    Also good accomadation at Derwent Bridge, they have a pub and single men units (cheap, comunal showers and just enough room inside to cook ya self a feed). The Mienna Chalet is at great lake. There are thousands of lakes within about 100km radius in that area. I think I would base myself at Derwent Bridge because I think it is more central to good fly waters.

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    Re: Tassie trip - any tips???

    Is it the great lake chalet blaze? Its been a few years since i was there, yep derwent bridge is another good option and i think I was reading somewhere the Taraleah chalet is very nice, I would imagine you could google anyone of them


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    Re: Tassie trip - any tips???

    Hi Nath
    They are the same, might be called Great Lake Chalet, good pub anyway.

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    Re: Tassie trip - any tips???

    thanks guys.
    Much appreciated.
    Jeff (thumbs)

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    Re: Tassie trip - any tips???

    Not sure what you are looking for, but the locations as above are central to the best lake fly fishing.

    Miena has a great pub and a small township near Great Lake/Arthurs if you wanted pub style accommodation and maybe a meal out.

    The pub at Derwent Bridge has those other backpacky accom type options or the occasional meal there would be nice, but not cheap if you had too many! (meals that is)

    Don't forget to look up Lake St Clair which might also be a decent base, it is a national park camp ground, very beautiful spot, and they have some cabins available too, cafe etc. Mostly boat fishing at St Clair but not necessarily so. Excellent poloroiding and you can get a paid boat ride to the north shore and get dropped off, picked up later, I think $25. Worth thinking about, its a sweet spot. On your own? Full of Swedish backpackers. If you want more info feel free to contact me at

    Don't forget you can hire boats anywhere up there - only one company, Highland Boat Hire I think, they are about 12-13' glass dinghies with about a 10hp OB. I think its the sort of deal where they deliver it to where you want to go but not sure.

    And prepare for cold weather, anything can happen in the Tas highlands, including snow, at any time. Probably will be beautiful that time of year though, its the best time to go.

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    Re: Tassie trip - any tips???

    Good day ,
    Blaze is right with Derwent Bridge its possibly the most central acc. up there.Mienna is a good base if you wish to stay north and fish say Arthurs,Great.Agusta and best of all the Western Lakes west of Agusta eg Christys,antimoty,tin hut etc.If you like to site fish smaller lakes and tarns on foot this place is paradise.You can near day walk this area based from Mienna (over a few days).
    Mate if your down this way go for at least a day trip into this area,you will never forget the experience.

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