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Thread: Counting to's over...I hope

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    Re: Counting to's over...I hope

    Not really Flea.

    The Navara cost me 18 grand at a time when they were going for 31. The ins company even agreed on the 31 grand market value. So you see, I was 13 grand ahead from the start. I could probably sell the Nissan for what I paid for it now !! ?? maybe !

    Extras include:-

    15 x 8 Villan ROH mags, air horns, arb bull bar, 9,000lb T-Max winch, dual batteries, 135ltr long range tank, IPF flood lights, UHF, remote central locking, CD player with 4 x loud speakers, full recovery kit / box bolted in, 3000kg tow bar, water tank, sheep skins, tinted windows, alloy tray with steel ribbed, colourbond canopy with canvas / vinyl sides and interior lighting, and for good measure:- in the last 12 months :----

    new head, new radiator, new injector pump, new injectors, new batteries, new tyres, new h/d clutch / pressure plate t/o bearing, new shockies, new brakes pads, new bearings, new gearbox input shaft bearing, new rear springs and has been serviced more regularly than Manufacturer specs.

    Shit, sounds great... I might buy it

    Along with the fact, Patrols drive like trucks and not cars

    The work done has been a tax deduction, being a work vehicle. That doesn't really matter as you still have to fork out for it in the first place.

    Madaddy, I have explained all your queeries in the thread...somewhere...

    Now Flea, get yourself down to Rover Park with the rest of us during the Xmas break !!!!!!
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