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    Borumba Bass on Fly

    I'm new to AUSFISH and was wondering if anyone could recommend a fly for Bass at Borumba Dam? I thinking of heading up there in the next couple of weeks and would appreciate you thoughts.


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    Re: Borumba Bass on Fly

    Hi ccfisher

    the trusty vampire in black or green with fast sink line
    or lez's leach .
    I think there is a bass pro on the weekend of 24th may

    gottofly Jeremy

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    Re: Borumba Bass on Fly


    Thanks very much I'll give it a go!


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    Re: Borumba Bass on Fly

    Basspro's on the second weekend of June by memory. Looks like the dam will be back at 100% after this rain today. Hope ya nail a few.

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    Re: Borumba Bass on Fly

    Thanks Sniper
    Is that Awoonga in the background of your photo?

    Cheers CCFISHER

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    Re: Borumba Bass on Fly

    Yep, its Lake Awonga. On my first trip and first Barra.
    Went to Borumba last sunday. Only caught one bass, on a jackall of the edge up the Kingham arm. Lost another that now has a nice jackall to add to its collection. Fishing was very slow. Saw a few guys up there fly fishing for toga. One guy caught one and the other 2 guys, from the sunny coast fly club that I'm in as well, only spooked a few whilst walking the banks. Very quiet day. Fish seem to be shut down with the latest inflow of water. Water was still flowing in on sunday and its still going over the wall at the moment.

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