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    SEQFF convention

    Just to let people know, The South East Queensland Fly Fishing convention is on 12th 13th 14th September 08
    It will be a major convention with rods to try, Fly Fishing tips,Games, Talks.
    The whos who will be there and I for one will not miss out.
    Go here: to check it out and download a rego form.
    Mick N
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    Re: SEQFF convention

    Should be Good Mick , I reckon I can get some of the sunny coast club there this time .

    Federation of Fly Fishers
    International Certified Casting Instructor
    Sunshine Coast Fly Fishers

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    Re: SEQFF convention

    Here is a line up of some personalities That will be there for the weekend ;
    Flytyers: Muz Wilson, Shaun Ash & Jon Makim.
    Presenters and speakers: Dr Julian Pepperill, Juan DelCarmen, Micah Adams & Rod Harrison.
    Casters & demonstrators:Geoff Volter, Gordon Lowe & Nial Logan.
    All will be available throughout the weekend to advise and assist with all matters fishy.
    Don't delay your booking.


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    Re: SEQFF convention

    I am so glad Voltzy is doing some instruction , I reckon he would be able to show us a thing or two about casting into the wind as the closer to the ground you are the better
    Voltzy doesn't get on here does he

    Federation of Fly Fishers
    International Certified Casting Instructor
    Sunshine Coast Fly Fishers

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    Re: SEQFF convention

    I hope not , For your sake
    Where a "Box" and you'll be allright

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    Re: SEQFF convention

    Looking forward to this one. A weekend of nothing but fly with the good oil from the cream of the crop. For a newby like myself I'll be like a dog with two tails trying to keep up with it all.

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    Re: SEQFF convention

    i wish it was held on the sunnie coast. goldie is a long drive. it sounds awsome but.
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: SEQFF convention

    The convention is actually a live in thing, so if you are coming from a distance you have a few days to recover and then drive back. There are people flying in from all round the country so if you are into fly fishing you should try to make it. They don't allow day visitors though. I think is is also cheaper if you book in before the end of June....not 100% sure on that so you would have to check the website

    The last one was great fun (bring ear plugs though - some people do snore!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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