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    Your Best Fish (IN A PIC)???????

    Just wondering what your best fish is?????????????

    i have many but i would have to claim my best as a 10kg Coral Trout . Will post pic when i resize it...Also would have to mention my 12.2kg red on a soft plastic .....

    cheers Plastic_Magic

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    Re: Your Best Fish (IN A PIC)???????

    82cm barra but if i landed the ones i hoooked this weekend it would be a bit better.

    Breaming is my LIFE!!!

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    Re: Your Best Fish (IN A PIC)???????

    catching my first barra on my first barra trip on the second cast ,
    even though it was undersize it was fantastic to catch a fish that i was actually

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    Re: Your Best Fish (IN A PIC)???????

    Mine would be my first locally caught freshwater barra on a slickrigg rigged with a weedless hook on 6lb braid
    since then i have caught alot more lacal freswater barra and all happly released

    cheers BK
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    Re: Your Best Fish (IN A PIC)???????

    Hard to choose but I have to go with this salmon 8.6kg Gaula river, Norway

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