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    Your thoughts on spearfishing

    Hey all ive read some posts here on ausfish on spearfishing and hav found that most people are dead set against it. I was just wondering why that is? I lov my fishng and atm im getting into a lil bit of spearfishing and its not as easy as every1 says it is. I no there are some idiots out there that make it bad for the rest of us that dont do the right thing taking more then they need but this shouldnt apply for the rest of us.
    Ive read cases on here where u might be fishing and some spearos pull up near u and start spearing and i admit thats wrong but ive had it that i was spearing off the rocks and some fishermen start fishing directally infront of where i was. I dont no whos entitled to stay but i didnt want to cause trouble so i packed up and moved 100m further down the beach.

    Whats your opinion on this?

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    Re: Your thoughts on spearfishing

    Mate never worries me i have a lot of mates that do it and find nothing wrong with it as i do it myself at times but not in deep water as i am scared terribly of sharks
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    There is a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot

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    Re: Your thoughts on spearfishing

    I personally love sperfishing its a totally awesome sport i never spear near fishos although I have had people come and fish near where I am spearing and get stroopy with me when I was there first but there is just no pleasing some people. If you enjoy it don't worry about what anyone else thinks and just continue to enjoy it.

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    Re: Your thoughts on spearfishing

    i dont find anything wrong with but there are some bad bad apples out there that do give spearfishos a bad name.i know of one spot where people were fishing,spearfishos arrived and speared 4-5 very large jacks in the area they were fishnig,that gets on my nerve hearing that but aslong as everyone can do there own thing and not ruin it for everyone else,well good luck to you all,happy spearing.
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    Re: Your thoughts on spearfishing

    Warning im on my soapbox....

    I think the majority may do the right thing and some of them are a disgrace especially in the past. Why was it band along rock walls in QLD and NSW?

    Spearfishing gropers for example which are curious and usually come up to them when they are swimming around, so they try and wipe them out??

    Spearfishing on blue gropers was banned 30 years ago and there population has still not recovered, and the spearos will never be let loose on them again?? What does this say about the majority... seeking easy prey

    Yes i do understand that some fisherman plundered the seas, but IMO nothing anywhere near that level and if it was bought under control when it was, and that is one species of fish.

    PS these are my thoughts.


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    Re: Your thoughts on spearfishing

    Personally i believe if we are looking at this from an environmental point of view then
    spearfishing is actually leaps and bounds ahead of line fishing. Being able to actively target exactly which fish to take, selectively allowing several fish to pass before taking the shot on one desired fish. When compared to line fishing, we cannot actively target a specific fish from a school, which means that even though we release undersize and unwanted fish, there will never be a 100% survival rate.
    We might still get that desired fish, but in the process have most likely negatively impacted the populations.

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    Re: Your thoughts on spearfishing

    Scoocer 101, don't be disheartened mate.
    In regards to spearfishing, I think you are making a broad generalisation by saying "most people are dead set against it". In my time on here, and as both a spearo and linefisher myself, I've formed the opinion most linefishers are very easygoing about spearos, as long as common sense and respect prevails.
    Certainly there are bad apples in every bunch as far as behaviour goes, whether they be spearos or linefishers.
    To me personally, spearfishing just for the 'sport' of trophy hunting is as reprehensible as its' counterpart in line fishing, or shooting. All three are very popular pursuits however, and totally legal, I'm quite happy to accept that my opinion is perhaps out of touch.
    As a means to gather a fed however, the fact that spearfishing is target specific does, as Mattooty suggests, puts it ahead of linefishing in terms of sustainability.
    Regarding the scenario you described, IMHO good on you for doing the right thing and showing both maturity and leadership by avoiding a confrontation.
    I do think most people would agree, 'first in best dressed', irrespective of whether one is linefishing or spearfishing.
    However, common sense, decency and ability to respect others are unfortunately lacking from the personal make-up of some people!
    Cheers and enjoy your spearing, good on you for being concerned to limit your bag, rather than bag your limit!

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    Re: Your thoughts on spearfishing

    I love spearfishing, I used to be right into it off the Shellharbour and Wollongong headlands. Once I moved up here though, I havn't been able to muster the balls to jump in with all the crocs, tiger sharks, and stingers, jusst to name a few. I will definately give it another go soon though.

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    Re: Your thoughts on spearfishing

    I didn't used to think much of spearos as most of the guys i had come into contact with were young blokes who just wanted to shoot stuff & didn't give a rats about anyone. I also watched the shark net contractor & his mate pull up next to where I was fishing one day and proceed to spear a bunch of big jacks one after the other. Now i don't mind keeping the odd jack for dinner but watching this did make me cringe a bit.

    In recent years, I have watched some of the spearo vids and it is very selective and not as easy as everyone thinks. These guys were very responsible and pushing the sustainable/selective line.

    However, many spearos also think that fishing is easy as a few have said to me that they can't understand why we can be in the same spot as them and we get nothing while they get heaps.

    Plus, you've got to factor in the dangers such as sharks, shallow water blackout and a few other possibilities and it will always be a sport for the young, fit & adventurous.

    If we get some artificial reefs built for the fishos, it'd be good if the spearos got involved and had a reef or two just for themselves to separate everyone out a bit.


    P.S - just like fishing, it's the rank outsiders or once in a blue moon grubs who see it as an excuse to get pissed & have a line in the water while throwing rubbish everywhere, who aren't really serious about the sport that cause problems because they don't appreciate the rules of etiquette or impacts they have.

    Jetskiers, now there's another story - don't get me started on the incident yesterday! Another one to add to the collection of di^khead encounters.
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    Re: Your thoughts on spearfishing

    I think that what ius difficult about conflicting parties of fishermen and spearo's is that alot of the time visibility is often quite hard. I know that when I'm diving or snorkelling (i've only done a very limited amount of spearing and nothing of the calibre that we sometimes see on youtube video's) that it is really hard to someone back on shore, eg fishing. And the reverse is the same, from the shore, a spearo only looks like an annoying snorkeller swimming through prime fishing spots! It is really quite easy to see how arguments start with this, unfortunately its just a fact of life.

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    Re: Your thoughts on spearfishing

    Spearos are, on the whole, fine, just mad. It's live baiting sharks, without a hook!

    Had one on my sounder without knowing he was there the other day! Man, I thought I was about to catch the BIG ONE!

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    Re: Your thoughts on spearfishing

    I love to spearfish BUT because of the water clarity i hardly ever go.
    Out off about 100 fishing trips this summer i went spearing about 10 times.
    And the next few weeks will be the last times i go because it will be getting a bit cold for me.
    I target what i want and leave the rest off the fish swimming

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    Re: Your thoughts on spearfishing

    Curiously, why have all these Marine Parks been set up in NSW the past few years?

    Why have we been stopped from fishing in these areas?
    To protect the bloody Grey Nurse Shark!
    Why are they now endandered?

    SPEARFISHING for GNS was all the rage 20-30 years ago.

    And yes before anyone asks, I do know people personally who did it and have seen their photos of dozens of them dead on the beach. Back then it was called sport and they were of the impression that all sharks were dangerous, so get rid of them!
    Fair enough I suppose back then, BUT I'm getting sick of the authorities blaming anglers for their demise.

    Spearfishing- not for me, sorry.

    Food for thought!

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    Re: Your thoughts on spearfishing

    mono blame the spearo's all you like but a fair amount of those greynurse sharks went make shark fin soup in japan and it wasn't the ones the spearo's knocked over. I do agree though that it was senceless slaughter but as you say those days are gone.
    Oh and I have a very nice set of grey nurse jaws from 1970's curtiousy of the one of the pro fishers who used to do it. Bottom line is anything much deeper then 60 feet and its out of nearly all spearo's range.

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    Re: Your thoughts on spearfishing

    Congratulations to all that have replied.

    This thread is 13 posts long and no ' biffo ". Simply opinions and positive feedback.

    Keep up the work work people.

    Cheers Phill
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