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Thread: 4x4 picture thread

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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    A couple of vids of the cruiser getting over a log
    the big log was a snap
    but that little inconspicuous log at the front was the tough one
    rear diff got hung up on it because of the huge hole off to the left(top of a gully that drops about 50 metres) the left wheel slipped into that and all the weight was sitting on the diff on top of the log
    winch time

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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    Here's a pic of my rig on a weekend trip to Rainbow Beach

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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    Pic 1. mates ' tuff ' truck

    pic 2. mmm bathing the Nissan at LCP.

    Pic 3. when she's clean.

    Pic 4. with the tinnie on, in secret spot Number 14

    It's a 2002 Navara 3.0ltr turbo . extras are only T-Max winch, ARB Bar, EFS shockies, IPF floods, 135ltr fuel tank, dual batt system, Snorkel, Doof Doof, UHF, air horns, fully fitted out recovery box permanent, sheep skins, water tank, LSD, CSA 15" Villians running Cooper ATR's , Dakin H/duty clutch and Magellan Crossover. That'll do for now, all that seems to be hurting my pocket....again !!!!!

    Cheers Phill
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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    your ute pic. Is that the swim that cost you big bucks??

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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    Not a great pic (phone camera), but pic of the Deli and Stabi at Whyte Island.

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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    Well, it didn't cost that many bucks to fix, bungie, but it certainly was off the road for 2 weeks at least. ( hire car costs mmmm !!!! )

    Basically I had to change ALL oils and fluids/ filters, twice( 400 ), Clean the computer and have it re-lacquered ( 200 ), pull the interior apart to allow to dry, new air-con resistor ( 75 ), and down the track an alternator bearing. Pull the brakes apart and clean.....yuk !... new floor matts... " don't ask why ".

    Pull apart turbo and clean.. etc etc,,,and of course pull every wiring connector apart and spray them with contact cleaner / aerosol ( $26/ can ) just a pain in the butt !

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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    Hey phill
    Just out of curiosity is that why they call you lucky phill cause you tryed to turn your 4by into the first4wd submarine ( HUH I KNOW TRYING TO GET ALL THE FISH AREN'T YA )
    hope ya had the scuba gear on ! LOL

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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    Thanks for that Andy ..... I am installing a ' sounder ' soon.

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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    Hi all thaught i'd ad a small vid... hope it works...

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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    this is my rig...use to be bland and boring..all wheel flares.29" butter cutters no bullbar etc u get the point..

    its a bravo 2.5TDI

    now has 31's,side steps,3"exhaust,bullbar,KnN air filter,
    chrome rear bar,side mirrors and door handles (this is an old pic),hella spotties bla bla bla

    will have a boost increase and fuel adjustment next week.fullsuspension when i sort out what set up/brand i want and then upsize to 32' muddies.looking for a roll bar also.
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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    my driveway

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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    Anyone else?? Tell us about your truck, show it off, doesnt have to be modded..

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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    [ATTACH]Attachment 28568[/ATTACH]

    Here's a couple of pics from when I did the High Country Trip.

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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    finally got my old rodeo pics down sized.

    the photos don't do the track justice. we had 4 4X4s and it took 3hrs to go down that hill and up the other side.


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    Re: 4x4 picture thread

    This is my hilux,Its 2000 with 3L diesel,aftermarket turbo,dual batteries,air lockers front and rear,OME suspension,100l fuel tank,front and rear bars,the list goes on...

    Cheers Craig

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